The Real War

I don’t believe war ever solved anything and I believe it never will.

I don’t believe that religion is to be blamed for anything that goes on in this world. Religion could not physically do anything. The doings are all by man. Religion, like many things, can either be used or abused. Man is what puts a bad name on a religion…. not the other way round.

The problems in the world are not caused by religions but by humans.

“Sooner or later, you always have to wake up”
– Jake Sully, former marine
from the film “Avatar”


It really does frustrate how people see religion as a problem; religion is nothing but a way of life. The way someone chooses to live their life is not a subject of debate for other people especially when unnecessarily crossing the line of insults. The fact that others judge people by their religion, by the cover, really does sicken me for I see religion as a part of human identity.

I have always regarded religion as a personal element in life in which only the person himself or herself would know what is best suited for him or her. So it’s only right to respect the differences when they occur, and certainly not to provoke them. It’s not wrong to say that this lack of respect is nothing but ignorance because it is ignorance that breeds on the closed minds; but it would be wrong to not say that the media has no influence on the rise of ignorance.
It’s so sad that in today’s world we are being encouraged to hate by mainstream media which tends to be spoon-fed propaganda breathing machines functioned by the higher powers to repeat the same words over and over again until it is deeply engraved in our minds, the minds of millions across the world –“Islamic terrorists” – to the point that “Muslim world” is directly connected to the terror when no such thing actually exists. When the picture is always blown out of proportion and when the story is always biased and taken from the stronger side that is where the danger lies.

“The strong prey on the weak and nobody does a thing”
-Jake Sully

It’s become acceptable that Muslims suffer. This has been a brainwashing system that has succeeded in desensitizing all emotions towards Muslims. There is a division in which people would even look down at them as if Muslims aren’t even humans, and should never be considered as humans.

“I was in the place where the eye does not see”
-Jake Sully

It’s breaking through this 24-hour working propaganda machine to maintain logic in this world in order to survive, keep humanity and sanity amongst us, the citizens of the world, that is the real war taking place.

As small as this world is, we humans are so beautifully diverse – why can we not accept that? Why can’t we accept the fact that we are different yet the same? What do we benefit from by dividing ourselves?

Divisions are created to harm people. Don’t be fooled.

Wake up.

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