62 years of Naqba

This is not about taking sides
This is about believeing in humanity

62 years of illegal occupation
62 years of ongoing pain and anguish
62 years of oppression
62 years of ethnic cleansing
62 years of ongoing terror
62 years of remapping a country based on “religion”

62 years of doing nothing to stop it

This was, and still is, the Catastrophe
This is Nakba – Palestine under the hands of Israel’s Zionists

I came across these tweets unexpectedly and was really moved; most of us would complain and break down when something this big would happen but she hasn’t. She is so commited and brave to raise attention to what is happening.
This is as raw as it gets when it comes to “reporting” news – getting it directly, and uneditted, from the ones suffering.

Visit her site

Palestine/Israel History since 1878

“The Palestinians… they were not the Nazis,
they were not responsible for the Holocaust,
but they were the ones that paid the price.”
– Phyllis Bennis

As far as I am concerned this “right to exist” is nonsense because there is no wrong in it but there can be in the how and that part is the part that I am against – what Israel is doing to Palestine is not right. Existence is not even a subject of debate so no one bother giving me a blimin lecture on it!

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