This Week's review


5. British Elections: it’s finally over
Labour’s Gordon Brown blew up his chances of winning so it was no surprise that the race was going to be a two-horse race. Liberal Democrat’s Nick Clegg was appointed as the second hand and the Queen stepped in to announce Tory’s David Cameron as Prime Minister. The best part is the racist and fascist BNP got it shoved up where their you-know-what by facing humiliating defeat.

4. Obama grants Israel $205 million for rocket shield
Dropping the penny here: Israel is not under the threat but is the one creating the threat and that threat is towards the Palestinians and other Arab Countries. This has been the case for many years and the US support and backing of the atrocities has been there for many years too. A heart of stone would only take to the approval of such grotesque carnage.
Obama – a man of words, conviction, charm but not actions – reached out to the Arab World in his inauguration speech yet continues to insult the existence of them.

3. Weapons
… need to be tested and if that means human lives are lost then so be it. Why should it ever matter to them when it is them that receive money for the repulsive slaughter?
Wars never solved anything. Wars never served the nation.

2. Oil Spill – Mexico and the Gulf

1. 62 years of oppression — Nakba
Yesterday – 15th May 2010 – marked the 62 years of Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine despite being given more than 50% of the land when it was established in 1948 and despite the borders being defined, Israel has defined itself as a state that would create its own borders even on the bodies and blood of their neighbours.
Over time Israel increasingly resembles a police state, Palestine increasingly resembles an apartheid state and Gaza increasingly resembles the experimental grounds of warfare
It doesn’t look like it will end soon because children are even being brainwashed in believing that these systematic wars have a rightful purpose. 



5. Mohammed Al  Fayed sells Harrods for $2.2 Billion
Founded 25 years ago by Mr Fayed and claimed international recognition the department store will be sold to Qatar Holding, a private equity firm that is run by the Qatar Royal family. Happy retirement… clearly the economical climate is unaffecting some.

4.  La Rou “worst” hair
NME placed La Rou on the “worst hair in Rock” list which isn’t right because:
She doesn’t do rock
She pulls it off so well

3. Doctor Who – Amy Pond
Not liking the anti-Karen that is on the rise right now but I just don’t get why it has to be the lady that has to “sex up” a show. Doctor Who isn’t exactly that rude but some things are just not what some mums would like their children to watch.
Must add though that she is one of my new fashion crushes – I think she’s another name that I can put alongside Nicola Roberts [from Girls Aloud] as the Ginger-haired beauties.

Me being me – a hardcore lover of shoes.. how fantastic are these?

[What is the big deal over Matt Smith and Daisy Lowe? – let the Doctor be…]

2. Cheryl Cole = Respect
World Cup is just round the corner and WAG fever is picking up again – it’s killing me already. In a few months time the useless will be dominating magazines. I genuinely do not care about any one of them, not even the Queen if English WAGs Victoria Beckham. But Cheryl Cole is the only exception; I take my hat off to her for being so brave and strong. She’ll be, actually she already is through text, supporting and encouraging Ashley. She is a role model to many including me but I have to say that I am rather shocked by peoples’ reaction if things were to ever turn around between Cheryl and Ashley. As far as I am concerned, music and private life should be separated. Please respect her no matter what. She just needs that, not your opinions of what should happen between her and Ashley.

1. Queen Rania
It’s been a great month so far for HRH not only is her book “The Sandwich Swap” made her a bestselling children’s author but she, being one of three, was honoured to receive the Arab Knight of Giving Award for her continual commitment humanitarian work.

Picture taken from Queen Rania’s Website


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