Seeing Through, Seeing Straight

RT @AmoonaM @Sire_az @NidalM Why am I excited about the #flotilla? It’s nonviolent. When Gandhi did something like this, it created a country

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Karen Walker Eyewear – Spring Summer 2010


See things straight. See things simple. See things in black and white – cut away all the strings that are attached and focus on the key aspects; The Gaza Freedom Flotilla is more concerned with the humanity and the justice, not the politics and the who-is-to-blame.

In the next few hours the usual game and the usual script will be recited by Israel –Hamas is to blame, Hezbollah is to blame, the “terrorists” are to blame, everyone else except Israel is to blame – yet it will be Israel that will commit the crimes. I say they will because it was reported on 12th May that Israel began training in advance [Reported on that date, does not cross out the possibility that they started before] so they know who are coming and the route that they will take. They are prepared and they will target the peaceful mission. No harm is intended by Gaza Flotilla but harm will be intended by Israel.

Karen Walker Eyewear – Spring Summer 2010


In the next few hours propaganda will be recited on media sources, you will be spoon-fed propaganda, and I ask of you to maintain logic and sense as to what is happening. I need you to stay neutral and see the simple fact; Gaza is dying. 

All the humanitarian reports that are at Amnesty International and other humanitarian organizations   that are stored in their files cannot all be wrong. Israel’s illegal occupation, blockade and ongoing weapons experiments on civilians of Gaza cannot all be wrong.
In the past ships have sailed to Gaza; some made it, some were destroyed. The difference this time is that the Gaza massacre hasn’t left peoples’ minds. What happened during that time sparked an international outcry and bought so much focus to what is happening in Gaza.

The Gaza Freedom Flotilla will remind millions across the world that Gaza is still under siege.

We need to break the siege.

Karen Walker Eyewear – Spring Summer 2010


To keep up to date with the Freedom Flotilla Route Map
– visit Gulf News

For more information on Palestine, The Gaza Strip and the West Bank
– visit Palestine Monitor

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