Economy – Waking Up

I can’t take credit for anything in this post because I didn’t think of it but it made me think which, is why I am sharing it with you. So much news going on around right now – Economy and Disaster, like 9/11 and the Gulf Oil Spill, was a hot topic on Queen Rania’s Channel which is where I got this from.

About a year ago I told about the philosophy lessons I had in high scholl. The professor said; there are 2 main streams, the universal one and the local one. One that controls from the very top, distantly spreading over the world. The other being attached to the here and now.
Then I said to the professor “why can’t it be both? A system that encourages a global local market system?”.

Such a system would encourage mutual respect, respect freedom, the freedom of others, it would encourage communication, trust, and more respect, and more freedom.

The global economy is attached to the financial structures. That is why Rothschild wants a Global Tax, so everything looks equal, but in reality it is not about equal, but about ultimate control
The controlling systems are embedded in the bureaucratic institutions.
The understanding of truth and alternative ways to get great societies are embedded in proper education.

MORE EDUCATION, less bureaucracy.
Why did Rothschild claim NOW for more mining consessions, and more oil consessions? Hasn’t the oil industry done enough for now? We could have had free energy by now, but the very same banksters that started the corrupt Federal Reserve Bank CORRUPTED Nikola Tesla’s FREE energy technology. “You can’t put a meter on free energy” as Warburg (the bankster) said.
People need to wake up, and people are waking up, that is why we see Rothschild more often on TV, because he has to spread his propaganda, illusions.
Limit industries to their own local markets (no more multi nationals). Any industry, INCLUDING THE FINANCIAL INDUSTRY. Money should only be used for exchange of goods or services. Money should not be allowed to be used for gambling/stock trading. Lending money should not be allowed through commercial companies.
So this means a global understanding of common interests, to leave eachother alone, but at the same time seeing eachother as independant, respectable groups. Global governing then could only work without any powerstructure being able to rule over the others. Global governing could only work if it encourages local governing, without the bureaucratic overheads we see now.
How do we get rid of the global BUREAUCRATIC OVERHEADS?

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  1. DingoDogg says:

    Todo dinбmica y muy positiva! 🙂


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