Music Dose – 3/7/2010

It’s a big one since I’m going away
8Eight I never understood why people are so against autotune. The way I see it is that if they can sing and they have talent then why not use autotune. These guys have proven that they have both so when they take a new road and show a new side I think people should be a little more open. This is a great song with a great video – reminds me of G-Dragon – but I still love it.

T-Ara & Supernova – T.T.L (Time To Love)

TVXQ/ DBSK – Wrong Number
Love the latino vibe I love the beat at the start and the catchy tune. very good and a groovy song to dance to.

Clazziquai Project I’m quite new to these guys but from what I have come across their tunes are brilliant. Some I can see as timeless classics.
W-inds is actually a Japanese band. “Adicted to love” was released on 23rd of this month. w-inds is coming out with a new single Addicted to Love on the 23rd of June and the MV for the side A also named ‘Addicted to Love’ was revealed last week.
Their image and dance is very different from their old style but I’m quite liking it. This boygroup has changed so much over the years!
Old yet so good, plus T.O.P and TaeYang… hard not to love!

Jun Jin Ft. Uee – His & Her Situation

Girl Power!
Some parts are genius and some are like “what the heck!?”. Really catchy beats and I love the visual transformations in this video. So fierce

Evan – Struggle of the Mind and Hear

E-Tribe – Mom

I The Tri Top’s – To My Girlfriend

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