Another linking post featuring a winter fashion polyvore set that I made- can you see the connection between the previous post and the one to come afterwards?

* * * * *

DEFINTION [Oxford Dictionary]


1 make or become different:[with object] :a proposal to change the law [no object] :a Virginia creeper just beginning to change from green to gold
  • [no object, with complement] alter in terms of:the ferns began to change shape
  • [no object] (of traffic lights) move from one colour of signal to another
  • [no object] (of the moon) arrive at a fresh phase ; become new
    2 [with object] take or use another instead of:she decided to change her name
  • move from one to another:she was a typist who changed jobs incessantly
  • [no object] move to a different train, bus, etc.:we had to change at Rugby
  • give up or get rid of (something) in exchange for something else:we changed the flagstones for quarry tiles
  • remove (something dirty or faulty) and replace it with another of the same kind:he scarcely knew how to change a plug
  • put a clean nappy on (a baby or young child)
  • [no object] engage a different gear in a motor vehicle:he changed into second
  • exchange (a sum of money) for the same sum in a different currency or denomination
  • [no object] put different clothes on:he changed for dinner
  • * * * * *

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