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Implanting: Imperial Israel

Her eyes see, her brain thinks, her hearts beats, her lungs breathe as she roams and implants herself freely.

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Imperial Israel
By Stephen Lendman
Date: 29th September 2010
Source: Stephen Lendman Blog

In his book “Against Empire,” Michael Parenti defines imperialism as “the process whereby the dominant politico-economic interests of one nation expropriate for their own enrichment the land, labor, raw materials, and markets of another people.”

In a September 21 article, titled “What Do Empires Do?” he says “Imperialism is what (they) do.” They don’t just pursue “power for power’s sake. There are (significant) interests at stake, fortunes to be made many times over,” including land, mineral wealth, cheap labor, and easily exploited markets. They’re there, so take them, the strong dominating the weak. Besides seizing and controlling Syrian and Lebanese land, it’s how Israel rules Palestine, no regional country a match for its military might with no shyness about using it. Continue reading

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Against the Wind: Disfiguration of Palestine Unacceptable

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Rejecting Obama’s ‘Disfigured’ Palestine
Samidoon, Palestinian Territories

Original Source: SamiDoon
Translated By James Jacobson
Translated Source: Uruknet

In his speech to the opening of the United Nations General Assembly, U.S. President Barack Obama expressed his belief that there is an opportunity for reaching an agreement that would lead to establishing a Palestinian state that would join the United Nations as a member next year. But he didn’t say how this state would be established, what it’s borders would be, neither the extent to which it will enjoy sovereignty and independence.

Perhaps the American President doesn’t want to jump into these basic criteria for creating an independent country, because quite simply, he’s not too clear about them, or wants to leave them for direct negotiations now being sponsored by his country which involve two parties, one representing the Palestinian authority in Ramallah, and the other representing the state of Israel. Perhaps Obama is treading carefully because it’s presumed that these negotiations are meant to lead to an agreement on a final status for occupied Jerusalem, refugees, settlements, borders and water. Continue reading

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Gaza Flotilla: The "Willful Killing" Continues

Last week the United Nations Human Rights Council released a report on Israel’s attack on the Turkish Gaza Freedom Flotilla aid ship. The main aims of Freedom Flotilla is to reach the isolated war-torn Gazans and show their support as well as rasie world attention of the dire conditions Gazans are living under.
[report can be viewed at the end on this post]
Yesterday came the news that once again the Israeli army raided a Freedom Flotilla aid ship but the differece this time is that that not only were there Jews onboard hoping to reach Gaza but this was also organised by Jews from Europe.

Other ships are hoping to make it further within the next few hours.
Follow the progress and keep up-to-date:
Gaza Freedom March

One should not be suprised because everyday Israel is breaking an internatinoal law and every day it is getting away with it so why should they ever comply? Continue reading

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#MiroticDay Unites Cassiopeias Worldwide

After posting “Blossom” I went on Twitter to find #MiroticDay trending. I didn’t know of it but it was slightly creepy considering that I had watched the Mirotic Concert online last night and have been heavily listening to DBSK for the past two weeks – it wasn’t even a question, had to join in the trending operation.
Checking out Tumblr I saw that the “project” was to get it tredning at 6pm KST [Korean hour] the time that I logged on and found it trending was 2.05am KST. According to #MiroticDay was trending worldwide for more than 8.5 hours which is outstanding considering the fact that DBSK split… not willingly.
I wonder how SM Entertainment was feeling when it was trending worldwide; How does it feel to have all the fans stand united after you not just splitting the group but also tried to cause rivalry between them? I am so proud of everyone of everyone who took part in the trending misson.

Even though they are divided, in my eyes they’re still DBSK and “Mirotic” was the first song that drew me to them… a little late I know and I regret. I have really grown to love these guys. I know that when most females say that they mean that in a boy-girl love but it’s not quite like that for me; I look up to these guys.

Continue reading

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I’m so sorry everyone.

I’m aware of how depressing my blog has been because of all the politics that has been going on lately so I’m going to share with you a fashion set that I made, titled “Blossom” [no pun intended haha]. It’s an Ayumi Hamasaki music-video-inspired set which is quite something considering the fact that I don’t really follow her stuff. The only reason why I was so excited about it was because of JaeJoong. Really like DBSK; I would love to see all 5 togther again but even when I just see 1 I am happy. I haven’t seen “Postman’s Heaven” so I didn’t know what to expect from him in terms of acting – he was brilliant. Not too happy about the ending though… watch the video.

This set has the Prada bag that I still long for today from the Spring/Summer 2008 collection. Continue reading

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Obama's UN Speech: United yet Divided

REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT TO THE UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY United Nations Building New York, New York 10:01 A.M. EDT THE PRESIDENT: Mr. President, Mr. Secretary-General, my fellow delegates, ladies and gentlemen. It is a great honour to address this … Continue reading

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Aafia Siddiqui Sentenced: A Grievous Miscarriage of Justice

Aafia Siddiqui Sentenced: A Grievous Miscarriage of Justice
By Stephen Lendman
Date: 23rd September 2010
Source: Steve Lendman Blog [ via Uruknet ]

On September 23 in federal court, US District Court Judge Richard Berman sentenced political prisoner Aafia Siddiqui to 86 years in prison. Outrage most accurately expresses this gross miscarriage of justice, compounding what she’s already endured following her March 30, 2003 abduction, imprisonment, torture, prosecution, and conviction on bogus charges.

Earlier articles explained her case in detail, accessed through the following links:
The Abduction, Secret Detention, Torture, and Repeated Raping of Aafia Siddiqui

“After her abduction, Aafia disappeared into Bagram hell and was known only as “Prisoner 650.” Then later, by released prisoners, as the “Gray Lady of Bagram” because of her screams they heard for years….Ridley wrote about Bagram’s “Prisoner 650” and her ordeal of torture and repeatedly being raped for over four years. “The cries of (this) helpless woman echoed (with such torment) in the jail that (it) prompted prisoners to go on hunger strike.” Ridley called her a “gray lady (because) she (was) almost a ghost, a spectre whose cries and screams continue to haunt those who heard her… “she (was) physically tortured and continuously raped by the officers at the (Bagram) prison” – for over four years… pictures of her show a beat-up frail and helpless woman, the effects of years of torture, abuse, and continuous rape. There are dark circles under her eyes, a badly repaired broken nose, “made up” teeth and crumbled lips, and overall “a picture of a severely dehydrated, sick person almost as if on the death bed… Aafia is one of its most aggrieved. She’s been destroyed physically and emotionally. ”
[15th Dec 2008]

Continue reading

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