Palestine: Crafted Pains to the Souls

Ten years ago, on 28 September 2000, the second Intifada was sparked following Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s provocative visit to Islam’s Holy Temple, the Golden Dome, in Jerusalem. The Intifada is not just a result from failed peace talks but also a response to the difficult life under the Israeli regieme. The illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine has forced Palestinians to take action as a sign of resistance and demand recognition of their human rights. The sparked intifada has killed thousands and left a profound imprint on Palestinian society

This is quite a lengthy post but I want to make some things clear first:
Judaism is a faith.
Israel is a country.
Zionism is a political movement.
I am against the political activities, not the religion. I acknowledge that the political activities have re-shaped Israel as a country and reduced Palestine: It has not just reducing the land called but is also continuing to reduce the humanrights and values of Palestinians. I believe that Palestinians have the right to exist.  

I have always said that the problem is not religion; the problem is human.  

* * * * *

Zionist settlers storm Aqsa plaza
Date: 29th September 2010
Source: The Palestinian Information Center

Groups of Zionist settlers entered the holy Aqsa Mosque on Wednesday and roamed its plazas under police escort, guards of the holy site said.

They added that the settlers entered from the Maghareba gate that has been under the full control of the Israeli occupation authority since the occupation of Jerusalem in 1967.

The guards said that the settlers entered the Aqsa compound in small groups escorted by police and security forces, noting that the step was made in the wake of calls by Zionist fanatic groups on the eve of the Jewish feasts to storm the Aqsa and perform Talmudic rituals there.

* * * * *

Leila Khaled’s Address to London Event commorating 10 years since the start of the Second/ Al-Aqsa Intifada
Date: 1st October 2010
Source: Sons of Malcolm Blog

Brothers, Sisters and comrades,

I am glad and honoured to be addressing you for this event.

I would like to tell you that from the start of our Palestinian
revolutionary movement, we knew we were not alone, that our struggle
was part of the international struggle. This makes us continue our
struggle without fear in facing zionism and imperialism, especially
US imperialism, as we know people around the world are with us
practically and not just theoretically.

We have learnt from history that when a people is occupied and
oppressed they will revolt to liberate themselves using all methods
including armed struggle, which is also enshrined in the UN Charter.

Our homeland has been occupied since 1948, and I Leila Khaed have
been a refugee for 62 years like 6 million other refugees inside and
outside of Palestine. In Palestine we have an occupation, the
occupation is the terrorism that oppresses the people of the land,
the Palestinians.

In the 21st Century capitalism and imperialism are trying to impose
their system of globalisation, which is not just an economic
globalisation, but exploits all aspects of the life of individuals
and peoples. But in confronting the system we say we should globalise
the struggle and defend the oppressed nations, our homeland and our

I ask you all to research and look into the conflicts in the world so
that you have more knowledge of what is taking place, and if you
study, you will find the answers. I ask you on the basis of your
learning and understanding to struggle to establish a future based
not on WMDs and wars of aggression, but on peoples civilisation.

I request you to use this event to develop the BDS movements, to join
the struggle against imperialism and racism in the world. Continue to
get together and further deepen our struggles to defend our future.

Leila Khaled,

Amman, Jordan
01 October, 2010

* * * * *

Turning terrorists into “heroes”
By Ibrahim Hewitt
Date: 20th September 2010
Source: MEMO

The Haganah in Jerusalem, 1936-1938

Celebrations have taken place in Israel to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Haganah, the Jewish paramilitary organisation which paved the way for the establishment of the state of Israel and the Israeli Defence Forces. A headline in the Jewish Chronicle refers to “the generation that established Israel” above a photograph of some elderly veterans rather sadly wearing military uniforms.

Describing the veterans as the “heroes of Israel”, the IDF’s Chief of General Staff, Gabi Ashkenazi, is quoted by the JC, saying, “You were the ones to pave the way for the IDF as the army of the Jewish people, and as a body that can promise to the world ‘never again’, a reference to the Holocaust.

The past few years have seen many celebrations of the diminishing band of survivors from the First and Second World Wars. History is written by the victors, and it is true to say that the exploits of Allied troops in both world wars were not entirely devoid of unacceptable actions long since covered up and forgotten about by official historians. While not exactly a whitewash, it has had the same effect. The same is true of the Haganah “heroes”, to the extent that it is surprising that a British-based publication can laud an organisation which first cooperated with (including receiving training by British officers) and then agitated and fought against British Mandate rule in Palestine.

Ostensibly formed to defend early Jewish settlements in Palestine, by 1939 the Haganah was helping to organise illegal Jewish immigration to Palestine. Post-Second World War it joined with two more extreme splinter groups, Irgun and Lehi (“the Stern Gang”) to form the “Jewish Resistance Movement”. It was the Stern Gang which assassinated Lord Moyne, the British Minister for the Middle East, in 1944. The Haganah and its elite Palmach commando unit, along with the Stern Gang and Irgun, carried out numerous terrorist acts against British governmental installations across Palestine between 1944 and 1947, including the following:

Haifa district

12 Feb 1944 Immigration offices bombed

27 Feb 1944 Tax offices bombed

23 Mar 1944 Police station bombed

25 July 1945 Railway bridge bombed

31 Oct 1945 Police launches mined in harbour

9 Sep 1946 British policeman killed

21 Mar 1947 Oil refineries destroyed

26 Apr 1947 Head of British CID killed

Tel Aviv and Jaffa district

23 Mar 1944 Police station bombed

25 Apr 1946 Seven British soldiers killed in arms raid

2-17 Mar 1947 Martial law imposed; 14 Britons killed

Nathanya district

29 Dec 1946 British army officer captured and flogged

29 July 1947 Two British army sergeants hanged; their bodies were booby-trapped

Jerusalem district

12 Feb 1944 Immigration and tax offices bombed

23 Mar 1944 Police station bombed

27 Sep 1944 Four police stations attacked

29 Sep 1944 British policeman killed

27 Dec 1944 Police HQ attacked

22 July 1946 King David Hotel bombed; 91 killed

24 Oct 1946 Bombs explode at roadblocks around the city

30 Oct 1946 Suitcase bomb left at railway station


6 Nov 1944 Lord Moyne assassinated


31 Oct 1945 Several hundred bombs exploded on railways all over Palestine

10 June 1946 Three trains destroyed

16 June 1946 Eight railway bridges destroyed around the borders of Palestine

Source: Guerrilla Warfare from 1939 to the present day, Robin Corbett

Although efforts have been made to distance the Haganah from the overtly terrorist activities of Irgun and the Stern Gang, Robin Corbett claims that “Zionist armed resistance… included the much larger, nut more moderate, Haganah self-defence force [sic]”. David Ben-Gurion “insisted” to the British and American Governments that “his Jewish Agency and the Haganah were opposed to the Irgun and its terrorism”. According to Alan Hart in Zionism: The real enemy of the Jews, this was plainly not true: “The truth was not only that the Haganah and so the Jewish Agency were colluding with the terrorists. After initially saying “No” to Operation Chick – the codename for the plan to blow up the King David Hotel – the Haganah ordered the Irgun to execute it.” Ben-Gurion, of course, went on to become Israel’s first Prime Minister; the brains behind the bombing of the hotel, in which 91 people were killed, Menachim Begin, was one of Ben-Gurion’s successors at the helm of Israeli politics. To his dying day Begin was wanted by the British authorities for terrorist crimes, as was another ex-Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Shamir, a leading figure in the Stern Gang; for this reason, neither ever visited the UK. In a foretaste of things to come, money was donated “by organisations… across America to support illegal Jewish immigration into Palestine and to raise funds for Zionist terrorism”. (Hart, volume 1, page 193)

Alan Hart also gives a detailed account of the circumstances which led to the Haganah supplying weapons and ammunition to the Irgun and the Stern used in the assault on the village of Deir Yassin in 1945, in which, according to a report by the International Red Cross, 254 Palestinians were murdered, 145 of them women (of whom 35 were pregnant at the time).

Given the propensity for the Israeli Defence Forces to commit crimes against civilians, it is perhaps fitting that their roots lie in a group which was itself responsible for terrorist acts across Palestine. What is not so fitting is the way that these roots are overlooked by legal authorities around the world. The real irony is that Israel’s current batch of leaders and their supporters in the West blithely label legitimate Palestinian resistance against the illegal military occupation of Palestine as “terrorism”, knowing full well that Zionist militias committed terrorist acts against Palestinians and the British alike in the run-up to and beyond the Zionist state’s declaration of independence in May 1948. It is fair to say that the state of Israel was founded upon the terrorism of Zionist militia groups, including the Haganah. The fact that General Ashkenazi can then call members of the Haganah “heroes of Israel” speaks volumes for the morality underpinning the Zionist state, a far cry from the “purity of arms” claimed to this day by the Israeli Defence Forces.

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