Connections: September

September was a cool month for me and a funny one in terms of connections and love-phases:

Myfirst ever kull kpop album and if my post for it wasn’t enough of an indication as to how much I love it then I don’t know how to express it.

Lee Taemin
There are some guys in kpop that I would love to have as brothers; U-Kiss’s Alexander, Big Bang’s Daesung, DBSK’s Changmin and SHINee’s Taemin… but ever since “Lucifer”, my mind has wandered off several times into deeper territories.


Choi Minho
I can’t explain it but he’s the sort of guy I would love to have as a friend. The quiet yet not so innocent type, the competetive yet caring.

* * * * *

Remove Lee from Taemin and Choi from Minho -> Lee Minho

… who was a newly discovered actor for me. He plays the role of a spoilt prat, JoonPyo in…

… Boys over Flower
This happens to be my first ever k-drama that I have watched. It was first a manga and then it was a huge hit that it had to be made into a drama show. It was so big that it has 4 different versions – check out the casts; It’s so epic I had to share it.

Meteor Garden (流星花園)
Hana Yori Dango (花より男子)
Boys Over Flowers (꽃보다 남자)
Let’s Go Watch Meteor Shower (起来看流星雨)

* * * * *

Back to the connections: Boys over Flowers

… had SHINee featured in the album

… as well as SS501

… in fact, SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong plays a main role as one of the F4 members, JiHoo.

… Kim Hyun Joong is now starring in another drama called “Playful/Mischievous Kiss”

Take the word “kiss” and apply that to Choi Minho -> Sandara Park; Choi Minho was featured in Sandara’s “Kiss” music video

Sandara Park is a member of 2NE1 who made their comeback this month and are on their way to global success. Such a big fan of these girls. They are the first and only kpop female group that I admire and look up to.

* * * * * 

If we go back to “Boys over Flowers” and take the word “Flowers”, “Blossom” would be an associate of the word “Flowers”

… Kim JaeJoong [who is a close friend to Kim Hyun Joong] showed off his acting skills in Ayumi’s “Blossom” music video


… Kim JaeJoong also starred in the film “Heaven’s Postman”

…. Heaven [and hell] = religion; Postman = message –> message from God. One of the main headlines of the month was the controversial burn-a-Quran [Islamic Holy Book]. Someone made this joke on Twitter and I laughed hard at it… “if you’ll burn the Quran, this is how you do it” [pic of a CD – as in you making a copy]
…. “Copy… and Paste”; That’s BoA’s new single which I love so much.
[JaeJoong once described BoA as a great platonic friend, a best friend]

Hey! All you crazy guys out there?
You know the ones who think they can’t be replaced
There’s a new way
You’re gonna hit control C for copy
And then you’re gonna hit control V for pasting
And create the man of my desire

My heart’s throbbing manipulates me
Tear up my dizzy head and enter
Like a girl meeting a prince ha, it’s a dream-like story
That hot blinking flashlight
Everything it makes me thirsty
My hand rips off the secrets
Couldn’t escape it
Your eyes captured me

Hello Mr. Perfect
You’ve met me it’s from now
I’ll truly turn into a super star
Into the flowing blood, the spreading melody
To transform you to be born again into perfection

B.o.A, D.N.A. a self-confidence with a reason
It’s all right. Yeah, that’s right. A fantasy you’ve dreamt
The way to become that new, shining, blue star
Everything I have I’ll give it to you copy and paste all of it

Saw it, heard it but don’t believe you know everything
A bird that stands up for the first time is lonely
More than movies, incidents happen every day
I have to become and adult faster than all my friends near me
You get to realize who is younger than whom
Believe it our match, this pull, this reason fits perfectly like a puzzle
Happiness and sadness
You know this rhythm
You still can’t stop me

B.o.A, D.N.A. a self-confidence for you
Copy all, copy me this love message
You staring at me a bit more warmly now

Everything I have I’ll give it to you copy and paste all of it
(Already already) You’ve believed it
(Cosmic cosmic) All of space follows me and spins
(From here) From here you and I
(Become the sun) Will you become the sun?
I’ll follow you and spin, will you shine for me

B.o.A, D.N.A. a self-confidence for you
Copy all, copy me this love message
You staring at me a bit more warmly now
Everything I have I’ll give it to you copy and paste all of it

* * * * *

Quite funny…

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