HomelandS: Christopher Columbus Day

This is what I love about Twitter – always learn something new. I never knew that there was such a thing as a Christopher Columbus Day…

Christopher Columbus: discovered nothing, kidnapped, enslaved & murdered natives & gets a national holiday honoring him? Well played, sir.

In all actuality Christopher Columbus was a Mass Murderer, Celebrating Columbus day is the same as Celebrating Hitler for The Holocaust- HF

When christopher columbus was given credit for finding america. We should have known it was goin to be all downhill from there..

Yes, it was very popular indeed trending at #2. #1 was reserved by the Elfs who are still trending Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul. Since Kim Hee Chul clearly has higher significance over Criminal Columbus, I cannot see why he can’t have a National Day? What does Kim Hee Chul do [I hear you ask] he sings, he dances and he acts. It seems that people appreciate the less extreme things more… haha

Seriously though, who comes up with these days on the calendars…?

You can’t “discover” a land and live on a land that already has inhabitants! #ChristopherColumbus #Israel

This tweet summed up exactly what I was thinking at the time. It really couldn’t be more of a perfect timing to having that trend on Twitter whilst Israel continues to ethnically cleanse Palestine and has made the decision to force non-Jews to take a loyalty oath that respects a “Jewish, democractic state”. What’s the definition of “Jewish” and what’s the definition, or rather their definition, of “democractic” ?

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