Yemen: We're There But We're Coming — The Next Iraq

There’s no escaping it – Yemen, here we come! Oh wait, we’re already there… but what makes now different from yesterday is that we are making it public, we are making it official that we are coming to make you the next Iraq.
When the New Chief of MI6 made a public appearance the only terror suspect was not Osama Bin Laden but Anwar al Awlaki, an American of Yemeni descent who is supposedly hiding in Yemen.

This is one of the video that I have had saved in my favourites from January this year. I learnt so much from this clip alone.

“… this is real and open information, but as Rothchild Jr said in his book; “People don’t read” so it doesn’t matter what they put out there in the open. The people are already under their spell and wont question what they really do, even tho its right in front of them. Cuz they DONT read!!
Prove those fuckers wrong! Prove to them that you wont take all their crap!!!

… I made this video, to get the word out on what is going on in Yemen and what will, most likely, happen there in a short amount of time.
The UK just stated that they will enter Yemen with the US.”

Double click on the video to see the links that she refrring to and you should check out her channel

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