Connections: October

This is a continuation from Connections: Early October and The Wait: JYJ Comeback

Just want to rewind a bit to… 11th Oct
It has been reported that SM Entertainment (SME) has lost a monstrous sum of 4 billion won (approx. US $3.7 million) in the last 4 years
, which coincides with the company’s expansion into the karaoke business….
To summarise the total loss made my SM Entertainment:
• SM Bravo has invested a total of 6 billion won, but by end of August 2010 [calculating from 2006], it was reported that only 3.4 billion won was what remained of the account, resulting to a loss of 2.6 billion won.
• SM Amusement has invested a total of 1.4 billion won, but as per bi-annual report, the investment has gone down the drain with the total resulting to impaired/eroded capital.
As a result of the loss, SM Bravo will be undergoing a merge with SM Amusement [ !?!?!! – step aside! I’m riding Yoochun/ joke ], with an SME representative stating, “A remodelling of the karaoke business was necessary, and hence we are in the process of merging the subsidiaries together. Once they have merged we will come up with a brand new business plan.”
Meanwhile, netizens have voiced their opinions [ and normally I wouldn’t care what they think but they summed it up well ], “Don’t they know what happens when you start carrying too many eggs in one basket?”, “So that’s where all the hard earned cash from their artists go to”, “What a waste of sweat and tears from SNSD, Suju, Shinee, f(x)”, and “This is a classic example of a parent running down their business and making their kids earn the money for them. And when the kids hand over their hard earned cash, the parents then spend it on useless things instead of paying off their debt. Once the kids start telling them to stop the nonsense, the parents then tell them not to bite off the hand that feeds them when it’s obvious that the kids are feeding themselves with their own hands.”

13th Oct

Please Wait
▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀────────────┘ ……………55%…………………
Kim Hee Chul World Domination is loading

For the 1st time ever I have seen a kpop-related topic trending in the UK and Super Junior’s Heechul [ the person who drew me into the band ] has been trending worldwide from the 9th Oct… yes, that is true World Domination. A great doorway to bring kpop to the rest of the world but I laughed so hard when America called him a “Justin Bieber” – really, they couldn’t be more insulting if they tried.
Super Junior are under the management of SME.

14th Oct
[ NEWS ] JYJ Sells a Record-Breaking 520,000 Pre-Orders of “The Beginning”

Oh! but how oh how would SM let the smiles last [!] —-> [ NEWS ] SME files injunction

I am worried about the uncertainties and games played over JYJ so my mind was thinking of the Singapore audience. So many things are not clear… and it doesn’t help the fact that I don’t get the details or the depth of contract laws. I just want JYJ to do well… because JYJ doing well is like DBSK doing well.

“If our friendship could last forever, i don’t need anything else.”  

15th Oct
15mins fancam of their Seoul Showcase. Whoever took this – thank you. I love the routine and the songs sound great live so this is something for those who aren’t quite approving of the album.

[ NEWS ] JYJ States “CJeS Is Nothing More Than An Agency”

17th Oct

This really couldn’t sum up what I was feeling that day. At times I feel like I am a Cassie-in-denial and other times, which is most of the time, I think that the fans are blimin mad; so many hardcores out there that just choose to believe that these guys will remain single for life… pfft. The clock is ticking, and even though some are wishing for a reunion they have to be a little realistic and bear in mind their personal lives; Changmin recently has been doing interviews inwhich he literraly makes it clear that he wants to find someone asap. Time goes on and peope make their own paths; I’m not saying they’ll never be together… but when they do comeback together as 5 there will be changes. It won’t be exactly like before… and SME knows that all too well. Sometimes I see Changmin looking not-so-fulfiled as before and wonder if he’s doing alright… I’d be fuming if I find out that SME is still being evil to him, and/or Yunho. Just hang on in there guys.

… and while I’m on that note I might as well mention that Alicia Key named her newborn baby boy Egypt – congratulations.

18th Oct
“Shelter” is one of those JYJ tracks that just remind you how hard these guys work to produce something bigger than what they have previously.

19th Oct
Just read the lyrics, this is a song that I’ve been having on repeat lately, where in the English-spoken world of music would you find lyrics like this?… so beautiful and so sad. Modern English is just so plain and boring and that’s why it’s hard to find a track on JYJ’s current all-English album that can actually show their full capacity and talent. When I read Korean-translated-to-English lyrics I can understand the frustration of some Cassies.

You don’t have to hurry; I’m not in any hurry. I’ll be waiting for you always no matter how far in the future it may be or however far you are. When that day surely comes, my dream will be right here. Ever since the first time that we met each other here.
— Shi Ryuki

21st Oct
Micky Yoochun joins Twitter – trending for almost 8hrs. My heart skipped a beat when I found out; what is it about bad boys?

Am delighted about #MickyYoochun but, that doesn’t mean that I have forgotten about #VivaPalestina convoy that is on its way to #Gaza.

22nd Oct
… and just when things couldn’t get better, Junsu and JaeJoong join!
JaeJoong’s account was confirmed as soon as, so many were speculating whether or not Junsu was real which was why JaeJoong was trending and not Junsu.

Funny to think that despite all the ridiculous hype about #KimJaeJoong he remains a simple and humble guy –> @mjjeje It’s why I love him

Meet Jiji everyone… beautiful right?

Within minutes of Junsu’s account being confirmed #JYJonTwitter was trending worldwide, as in across the world… minus the UK [ ! ] *grunts*

Those few hours were almost too good;
– VivaPalestina made it to war-torn Gaza
– Martin Freeman is now officially Bilbo Baggins. Some other great names in the cast as well:
– Tennis player Maria Sharapova confirmed by her agency Max Eisenbud to being engaged to LA Lakers’ Sasha Vujacic
– How many days untill Harry Potter?
– Just discovered some amazing DBSK tracks which introduced me to The Secret Code album

23rd Oct
Waiting WikiLeaks…

Despite the rain I hope JYJ fans in Shanghai enjoy their time. Wish I could have that moment of escapism from this messed up world- Iraq War

24th Oct
You know what makes tennis tennis? When you hit a ball over the net andyou get the ball back — that there is a functioning game. So what is SME playing at? SME isn’t stepping down and is playing political games because they want to create confusion and division amongst Cassies… and by Cassies allowing this to happen is equivalent to them becoming the game. “Keeping the Faith” isn’t so much about them being on stage together again as much as it is about them being together again – there’s a difference. What they have had to go through is so much more than what some “fans” are.  

Anyway, Tennis Legend Roger Federer beat Germany’s Florain Mayer, in a 2-set-game of 6-4, 6-3 in teh Stockholm Open Final, and he did not just receive a trophy from Sweden’s Crown Princess Vistoria but he also matched America’s Pete Sampras with 64th ATP career titles: He’s such a classy player and deserves the success that he gets. I remember well the first time that he played against Sampras [which was in Wimbeldon], and that was before he started winning big titles, Federer bet Sampras.. and at that time Federer was an unknown name to the world of tennis; he’s such a unique and special individual. It really was a matter of time for this to happen.

Since 1968, only Jimmy Connors (109), Ivan Lendl (94) and John McEnroe (77) have won more singles tournaments than Federer and Sampras.

… Federer, a 16-time Grand Slam winner, won his 50th match of the year Friday. He became only the fifth man, and the first since Sampras, to win 50 matches in at least nine straight years in the Open era.

… “For me, every tournament victory is special,” the Swiss star said. “This is one I’ll definitely remember, maybe more than other ones.”… “It feels great winning any tournament, but especially in a country where I’ve never been successful before,” Federer said. “Mayer played a really good match in the final, and I had to really come up with some good tennis.”

Read more

Psy “Right Now” – makes one wish they starred in this video

25th Oct
If I could have one dream it would be this:

From JaeJoong’s Twitter… but seriously, where is the MV?

27th Oct
Kim Jonghyun and Shin Se Kyung are currently dating – it was confirmed and my goodness the skies came down falling. Seriously, some kpop fans are just so pathetic. There are some who are still pulling out their hairs over Jonghyun — what will they be like if [Hello] Baby Yoogeun starts dating someone? *worrying at what the world might come to*

jonkyung means respect in korean.. pretty appropriate lol #jongkyung

#jongkyung was doing so well trending that you wouldn’t have known of:

RT @mtvkofficial SM Entertainment Withdraws Their Preliminary Injunction Against JYJ! #jyj

Finally realized they were getting nowhere *round of applause* [ ! ]

It’s unusual to make such a public appearance like that and you can’t say that SME didn’t do that on purpose. They knew how to deviate the attention of JYJ so they wouldn’t appear as pathetic. I just wish that Kim Jonghyun and Shin Se Kyung are happy together.

JaeJoong, Yoochun and Junsu are certainly happy! Not that this has got any direct connection to being happy but I found it funny how JaeJoong’s “Quidditch Cup” was ranked #1 in the Most Popular Photo on YFrog; “Victorious” was the the word running through my head

Reporting to @Lord_Voldemort7 – ‘Quidditch Cup’ is 1st Most Popular Photo on Yfrog today #JaeJoong #JYJ

This is actually what he bought which I thought was quite a great buy… he goes on about how much of a bargain it was and how he had become a little greedy with his spending that day. It’s really on Twitter that you get to know these guy even more and I just love their conversations.

28th Oct
Another SM act; SNSD and even though I don’t think they are that great musically I am loving their new song/music video. I love the vintage poster girl theme.

From poster to Billboard… [the bigger news]

I was a little behind on news that I didn’t even know that JYJ were on the cover of the Billboards Magazine, I didn’t know that the print issue was sold out before it’s release date [30th Oct] so you can imagine the suprise of coming across the news that the print issue was restocked. They are featured on a front cover of an American Magazine, as special release of the week,  where it is very rare for American artists to appear on the front cover. This is massive – so impressive for a band who still have to make their International debut to appear on such an influential magazine. Congratulations to the guys. 

29th Oct
Woke up – checked Twitter and there was JaeJoong who posted this postcard-eque picture:

►”Rising Sun” ♫

30th Oct
JYJ: The Biggest Boy Band In The World You’ve Never Heard Of

Trivia question: Who’s the biggest boy band in the world? Backstreet Boys? *NSYNC? New Kids? Hanson? Take That? Menudo? Nope. According to reliable source Guinness World Records, it’s JYJ.

Never heard of JYJ? Well, obviously you haven’t been to Korea lately, where the group’s singers, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu, are bigger than Justin Timberlake. Their popularity in their homeland landed them in Guinness in 2008 and 2009 for having the world’s largest official fanclub (more than 800,000 members in Seoul alone) and for being the most photographed celebrities on the planet (they’ve been snapped professionally approximately 500 million times).

WRONG Yahoo – it’s actually DBSK. They made their world records when they were 5 members, not 3. I don’t normally care about Yahoo but when I read this my mind almost thought of the Tohonskinki Expo 2010 that was held in Japan – it’s quite ridiculous but it gives you a rough idea of how massive these guys are – an expedition of nothing but Tohoskinki/ Dong Bang Shin Ki images… and we’re speaking of thousands. Seeing someimages around makes me feel a little nostalgic. They were, and still are, that big.

Do you remember when Pokemon was the biggest trend in the world?

Sadly Takeshi Shudo, Creator of Pokemon, died yesterday, aged 61. He was suffering from subarachnoid haemorrhage and collapsed at Nara Station. Doctors were unable to recover him. I have some great childhood memories thanks to him.
I wish his close loved one strength during this difficult time. May he rest in peace.

31st Oct
I was agonizing over the release so to get it but in LQ is not exactly something I can complain about. I already love it; just from the 1st 60seconds… there are some good scenes and close-ups but it was slightly over-the-top for the American Music Market. The camera skills and angle-shoots are okay and I just love how it starts with Yoochun falling in slow motion. I just don’t get the backgrounds and the landscapes. It would have been much better had it been more like BoA’s Copy and Paste — modern, simple, structures etc. I love their fashion and I really like their hair and make-up; I just wish all the concepts would blend together more – their look doesn’t fit the scene.

There really is no point of me putting the video in this post because it’s bound to be taken down but my goodness, the bass blaring at the background and that vibration feel – because it was recorded live from Taipei [Taiwan] Showcase – just made this song hotter… I kept think “this is what the remix needs”

1st Nov
JaeJoong’s new tattoo… No Yunho, No Changmin… I don’t know what to think, or feel.

Anyway, connections:

— >BlackEyedPeas’s new Album’s is also called ‘TheBeginning’

–> is working with 2NE1

–> 2NE1 just revealed the music video for “It Hurts” which has been added it to the big post so you can check out the other songs and music videos. I love the MV; think of Tim Burton’s film “Corpse Bride” – these girls are the best females in kpop.

“Are we already too late? Is our love over?
Even if it’s a lie, please tell me it isn’t so
I can do better now, though we can’t meet again”

–> Checked Twitter “Ayy Girl” trending… the MV is out.

“… Chills run through me
What have you done to me?
… I’m losin’ my cool
Playin’ me for a fool”

With better quality I can say that the make-up was not as extreme and the overall contrast wasn’t as strong… which I actually didn’t mind before. There is some slow motion action around the dance moves which doesn’t quite work because it’s not that sharp. In fact the overall graphics is not that sharp. The more I think “why this setting?” – it must have some sort of relevance to “Ayy Girl” – the more I think it would suit “Empty” more. I love the image more than the video if I’m to be honest. This MV underestimates them; not just as JYJ but as DBSK – they have earned their own reputations as being committed, hardworking and able to consistently create great performances. I know they can do so much better and I want the rest of the world to be able to appreciate that. This music video is just not solid enough for the American music market… so please don’t judge them from just this. I’ve actually put the MV in the The Unstoppable Beginning post so you can actually check out the other tracks from the album.

Seriously, I’m not that happy with the substance/quality of the video; This is their World Debut and this MV just doesn’t do them justice but I am happy to just see them again in a music video. I appreciate the fact that they not just have to earn a living but with that money that they earn they have to make a MV; no money comes through SME, it’s solely from whatthey earn. 

I’m supposed to be over the moon with this video but JaeJoong’s tattoo has put me down a little. The irony is that when Ayy Girl [ JYJ/DBSK] was trending so was Color Purple [ DBSK “Purple Line”]

2nd Nov
First he makes me sad then he puts a smile on my face – the boy is that mean! Check out his Twitter regarding the fued between him and his cat.

Yun Jae trending on Twitter –

3rd Nov
Can not not love YG — It was Big Bang’s TOP birthday! Can’t actually explain what I like about him; He’s got this tough bad boy image about him there is this funny, adorable and dorky side to him. I know I’ve been posting so much about JYJ/DBSK lately but don’t ever underestimate my love for Big Bang; they were the 1st ever kpop band that I discovered and fell in love with.

Love: “Sungkyunkwan scandal” is coming to an end and I seriously am dying to come across the entire series with English subs… and it’s got to be the entire series because there is nothing more annoying than getting so into a drama and not being able to continue with it. I mean you can watch it but if you don’t understand a word- what’s the point?

He suits his beard, right? He actually pulls off so many looks – it’s ridiculous. I always feel that there is no man in kpop that can do fashoin airport runways like Yoochun… he’s just got it. I actually am convinced that he has my ideal male-wardrobe.

This didn’t get me as much as this did though:


It’s a fanart – you have no idea how much I was hoping for it to be real – Junsu’s Tiger and JaeJoong’s JiJi… quite well-known that JaeJoong is fond of his drinks. JaeJoong and Yoochun recently complained in an interview that Junsu refusing to pay for drinks… rightly so if e doesn’t drink.

4th Nov
I am loving this week because as BonFire Night approaches firworks are already taking place here and there. I’ve got some great views from my bedroom window. It just feels like the celebrations-season. It’s BoA’s Birthday tomorrow and it would be interesting to see if JaeJoong will drop a tweet to her. I know that Junsu is following SuJu’s Eunhyuk… who he isn’t following back for some reason. I sometimes wonder how much control SME has over their acts.

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