I am seriously hoping to find the full transcript of Sayed Hassan Nasrallah’s speech. This is just a couple fo tweets of of last night’s speech. This was more the typical style; long but with so many strong points and as always something new to know about… I suppose you can say that is why he is “dangerous”.

* * * * *

#Nasrallah: We are going to focus on the books of Tony Blair and George Bush because there is important judicial evidence.

#Nasrallah: Blair speaks of destroying the Syrian state, not the Syrian regime, but the Syrian state.

#Nasrallah: The first targeting of the Lebanese Resistance was after the adoption of Resolution 1559.

#Nasrallah: The real creators of Resolution 1559 were Bush and Chirac; this is admitted in George Bush’s book.

#Nasrallah: Former Israeli minister Silvan Shalom said the indictment in the Hariri tribunal will lead to the implementation of Res. 1559.

#Nasrallah: Now we enter into phase 2; we witnessed the assassination of former Prime Minister and martyr Rafiq Hariri.

#Nasrallah: The US understood the Lebanese Resistance in a wrong way; the US thought the Resistance wanted power.

#Nasrallah: The Americans were mistaken; we will not sell our dignity, our sanctity, the blood of our martyrs for 100% of the power.

#Nasrallah: Our Resistance is a holy duty; This Resistance is not something that could be bargained for with anything in the world.

#Nasrallah: The Resistance wasn’t to be removed for Lebanon; it was to be removed for Israel.

#Nasrallah: The bloodshed in the civil war in Lebanon was the creation of America; Henry Kissinger admitted this himself.

#Nasrallah: Kissinger said that the civil war gave the Americans the perfect region to spread division and spread chaos.

#Nasrallah: Kissinger said the US tried time and time again to make conspiracies in the Arab world.

#Nasrallah: Kissinger said the reason why American projects couldn’t be implemented in the Arab world is because of Resistance. 

#Nasrallah: They thought that we would raise our hands in surrender but they were mistaken and Bush was disappointed.

#Nasrallah: Bush called the Israeli military efforts weak; The world stood with Israel as they committed massacres in Lebanon.

#Nasrallah: Bush admits that the Americans wanted to carry on with the war despite Olmert wanting to quit after a week.

#Nasrallah: I must say that the Saudi-Syrian efforts to end tension in Lebanon are sincere.

#Nasrallah: Certain Lebanese figures ran to the US and to France to undermine the efforts of Saudi Arabia and Syria.

#Nasrallah: They dream that there will be a confrontation between Sunni and Shia.

#Nasrallah: I am here to say their dreams will never come true.

#Nasrallah: Certain Lebanese figures brought the Americans into the picture to attack Syria and the Resistance, this must not be forgotten.

#Nasrallah: Every single day, the headlines for the Israelis relate to the international tribunal.

#Nasrallah: Israel is telling the Lebanese people that if they do not cooperate with the int’l Tribunal, there will be a war.

#Nasrallah: Anyone who thinks that the Resistance will not defend itself is mistaken.

#Nasrallah: Anyone who thinks that threatening the Resistance with an Israeli war will scare us is mistaken.

#Nasrallah: Anyone who is dependent on American aid is mistaken. I repeat, anyone who is dependent on American aid is mistaken.

#Nasrallah: The true stance is that the file of the false witnesses will bring about the biggest scandal in the history of Lebanon.

#Nasrallah: We have told you to look into the Israeli involvement in the assassination and we have been ignored.

#Nasrallah: The Israelis have admitted that the pictures we released were true, so why haven’t they been investigated?

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