I Saw Nothing But Red

I was planning to put this in my connections post but it got too lengthy so I’m making this a post of its own.
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7th Nov   


06th Nov = 5th anniversary Super Junior [SME]   

26th Dec = 7th anniversary DBSK [SME]   

… and if you know what 7 means from DBSK’s “The Secret Code” then you should be a little freaked out // 7 = no longer // The court case will be coming to an end some time soon so which side is the “no longer” going to take?   

I’ve already mentioned what AKTF means to me but with SME’s financial records that show how DBSK really is still large percentage of what the company earns… I mean, DBSK are irreplaceable and SME, as much as their acts do well – eg. Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, BoA  – is financially struggling. They can keep releasing albums of “DBSK Collections” as many times as they please just to keep their company afloat but they can’t keep relying on that strategy. I’ve been doing some reading here and there and SME’s spending is, quite frankly, shocking – 4 billion won lost to a failing karaoke industry and SME is considering opening an amusement park! Investing money in the wrong places and at the wrong time. Not taking the right decisions at all… logically, you would drop that karaoke business. SME strategy is always for short-term and not long-term… and it’s not fair that the artists have to earn their own living by the small fraction that they earn.   

So who is the “no longer” really going to favour? All I want is the guys to be happy again. I don’t think I’ve never been comfortable with Changmin still being in the hands of SME after I found out about the violence that he had been through… I can’t say that my heart is at ease.   


Anyway, back to connections:   

26th Dec = 7th anniversary DBSK [SME]   

Red = Cassiopeia [ The DBSK fans who “always keep the faith” ]   

But red can also mean something else…   

Red = War/ Blood   

27th Dec = 2nd anniversary of still-under-siege Gaza   

I was informed about “Wear Red For Palestine“, a facebook campaign, that – it’s self-explanatory really… it’s for Gaza. 

* * * * *   

I suppose you can also say that   

Red = Love   

Red = Passion   

Red = Anger   

—> #LoveMeansHonestyJYJ   

It really annoyed me that #LoveMeansHonestyJYJ.. it’s wasn’t trending thankfully… but to see people on Twitter pretty much ripping up the boys is quite disheartening. I too am not satisfied with the MV but you know what? Them making an entire album and a music video despite their difficult circumstance is something that should be appreciated and respected. Its times like these that make me think that these boys would have been better off just walking away from music all together. They don’t deserve the negativity. The problem isn’t in their unbroken will but in their management. I just hope that people would have that in their minds more.   

I personally loved their image -again, it would go down better in the European market… but the overall video, like I said before, simplicity could have been better.   

I am not satisfied with the music video – I am still raging about Kanye’s work and his “honest” “commitment” because this is the poorest work he has ever done! No wonder he’s not in this video! – It’s because I feel like they weren’t given the 100% effort that I will support them because I know that they can do so much more.   

#LoveMeansHonestyJYJ … The main prob is the management, not the guys. Give them credit for making an album despite difficult circumstances. 

I can argue and defend these guys. They get my support but I know they can do so much more. #LoveMeansHonestyJYJ You deserve better.   

… and I meant that not as 3 but as 5.   

There was a tweet from a girl – she was just losing it – who said they were “close to shit” which is far too harsh! No respect whatsoever. When Junsu was asked in the Seoul Showcase what he thought of the album, he replied “the best” — because an album from a musicians perspective isn’t just music, an album is a journey. For these guys it has been a hard long-winded journey in which not only did they have to pick up on a new language [that alone shows commitment] but are still under the unnecessary stranglehold of SME.   


This is a great video which is quite something for someone who doesn’t normally like these types of videos. She was making good points: if anything JYJ don’t actually need to try because they have already got it and all they need to tone down everything; But when it got to the going for “bitches” part I started getting angry [cultural clashes still a problem in 21st century]… in general, the West can learn so much from the Far East – customs, manners etc. Those were things that really got to me when I converted in kpop; just how beautiful the way things are. Even though in a Westerner’s point of view it can be a little extreme but it’s respectable… and when we come round to accepting it, you respect it.   

When I say that the West can learn more don’t ignore the creative aspect; I didn’t fall in love with kpop for no reason!   

She was using examples of DBSK in “Rising Sun” – yes, I want to see more of that – but there was a clip of Justin Timberlake’s “Ayo Technology” — No! Just no! That Love, Sex Shit.. Never! That’s when I didn’t like Justin Timberlake. I loved him from his N*SYNC days [ I could never chose between them and Backstreet Boys ], I supported him with his first solo album – I had a pretty strong reputation at school, thank you very much – but when it came to this, I couldn’t. Musically he’s great but when it came to image… it was more about the boobs and bums than anything else… which is frustrating.   

Unlike the popular Western music image of a woman being an object – I’m speaking mainly of the US music market – I really can’t see why JYJ have to loose their identity. They are better off holding their dignity than go around toying with women for success in a “multi-cultural” America…! That’s the argument that I threw over and all she could reply to was that the problem isn’t with the people but the market – bullshit – its the people that make up the market. It’s the people that have chosen to accept the image of a woman as a toy… ! Why is it acceptable? To prove what? *shakes her head*… *reminds herself of how pathetic people are*… yeah, that was the argument that I was having with the owner of the video. She claimed I was looking at things from two different views [ ? ] *rolls eyes*   


I had more of a meaningful conversation with another person [so it wasn’t all that bad] who happen to work in creative at motion graphic company.   

mickeyyuchun Honesty is one thing but insulting & judgemental is different. we can choose to use respectful words to artist. #LoveMeansHonestyJYJ 

@mickeyyuchun … we can choose to use *respectful words* needs to be in bold – #LoveMeansHonestyJYJ   

@BreathingPsyAir agree, i work f creative industry, creative comes with what option project have w in commercial world,better opt will come.   


mickeyyuchun Cjes is not management company more like agent handle JYJ more than project, that is the problem, technically jyj can’t have mgmt co. 

@mickeyyuchun So you are familiar with the scenes then… so why can’t JYJ have management co?   

@BreathingPsyAir technically JYJ is still w sme until lawsuit settle   

@mickeyyuchun Is SME deliberately doing these things to JYJ or is it the Court?   

[which may sound ridiculous but with the amount of influence SME has in S. Korea I do wonder if the Court favours one side more than the other]   

@BreathingPsyAir Sme dragging the court procedure some extent so they r not free to make contract w sponsorship(reason W tikt price so high)   

That’s why?! People have been complaining about that and now I get why. This just reinforced to me how management is the core of everything that they do.   

@mickeyyuchun But doesn’t the Court have the power to put in place deadlines? It’s crazy to let SME drag things   

@BreathingPsyAir i think end is near.court will raise JYJ hand,common sense someone r saying they can’t work f somebody, u can not force…   

@mickeyyuchun *nods* SME is pretty much playing a loosing game.. I just want HoMin out of there and DBSK together again.   


Sometimes we need it get it wrong first before getting it right —- #LoveMeansHonestyJYJ || #Reality vs. #Expectations   

mickeyyuchun #LoveMeansHonestyJYJ JYJ wants meaning full success than sme, Let JYJ experience & grow,don’t try to change control them to win, w r not sme 


If your still looking for another red connection – Junsu’s new hair. I love that colour but not so much on him even though he kind of pulls it off. But I am not that happy with Yoochun’s hair because when I first saw him with his hair up and wavy – Seoul Showcase – I was *blushes*… he was gorgeous. Now, it’s all gone… but Yunho who also had the clean cut actually suits it more.   


8th Nov   


The green background is so much better than the cgi. See what I mean – simplicity is better. If they work up their image, they have to work down their surrounding – it’s all about balance… and why in the official video is there not more scenes of them in black. I quite liked those scenes… there were nothing but darkness and blue flames.

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