TVXQ comeback [ ? ]

TVXQ to come back in 2011!
Date: 23rd November 2010
Source: TVXQ Official SMTown Website [translated by allkpop]

SM Entertainment revealed on the 23rd via TVXQ’s homepage, “2011, TVXQ will be returning to you all.”
SM released a statement saying,

“After the 3 TVXQ members left, for over a long year, both U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin have refrained from musical activities.
The two members as well as the company wanted to keep TVXQ alive, thinking about the never changing hearts of our loyal fans who have waited a long time.
As indicated by the ruling, all of TVXQ’s activities need to be done through SM, unfortunately, the three members that left have regretfully not responded to any of our offers for activities as TVXQ. After long and careful consideration, we made this decision.
For U-know Yunho and Max Changmin, who never left and kept their dreams as TVXQ, we have decided together with the two members to keep TVXQ alive.
No matter what happens, we believe that TVXQ should continue for the love and trust of the fans who created TVXQ together with us.
We are not ruling out any possibilities in the future. Continuing TVXQ is the best way to repay the fans who love and waited for TVXQ.”

The two member TVXQ is scheduled to make a comeback in January 2011.

* * * * *

[ oh how the heart skipped a beat for no reason! ]

Will make some points here:

I don’t mind HoMin going around with the name TVXQ – that’s not my problem.

My problem is that SME is using that name… after the mistreatment it is about to use that name again.

If there is no apology, no clearance of this mess or even an attempt then I just can’t accept the name TVXQ for a 2-member band… which is such a shame considering the fact these 2 are the original members and are most likely wanting to be TVXQ again.

SME knows that it really can’t win so it’s strapped itself along with the name TVXQ, which it legally has no right to use that name in the 1st place. Notice I said “name” not members! It’s the members that make up the name TVXQ. If SME wants to do that then it’s strapping itself next to a empty TVXQ.

I don’t mean it in a disrespectful way, I appreciate the fact that Changmin and Yunho are still out there performing for us, but TVXQ is a 5-member group; Yunho, Changmin, Yoochun, JaeJoong and Junsu. Only when they are together that they can be TVXQ.
If SME adds new members to Yunho and Changmin to make up a 5-member group and call that TVXQ, then it’s the end of TVXQ. SME has killed TVXQ… and SME isn’t that stupid.

– There are some extremely loyal Cassies that feel that because they supported JYJ as if they were TVXQ, they have to do the same for HoMin.
Here is where we have a problem: The court case is not exactly JYJ vs. SME
JYJ [ + HoMin ] vs. SME [ +/- HoMin ]

Explaining: The difference is that JYJ are not just representing themselves but also [indirectly] HoMin [ and guess what? JYJ + HoMin = TVXQ ] but SME is holding HoMin…. so this whole JYJ vs. HoMin is a bunch of crap. This whole mess is created by SME and some fans out there need to seriously wake up. Fans need to differentiate SME from TVXQ… !

– One comment a fan left on a DBSK/TVXQ thread: “The only thing I’m concerned for is cassies that are split, will start putting HoMin and JYJ’s success against each other. If TVXQ with HoMin succeeds, then SM will feel that 2 can actually work than 5. If HoMin fails at overcoming DBSK success at a group then maybe SM will know that DBSK is really meant for 5. But I don’t want them to fail FML I’m in such a dilemma.”

That is SME’s aim of a TVXQ false-continuation. Underneath it all SME is, and SME knows it too well, going to lose this court case; it’s strapped the name TVXQ by its side so it doesn’t lose completely. It feels like SME is aware that it is digging its own grave.

* * * * *

Part 2 of TVXQ Comeback

* * * * *

I just want to share this link with you guys; it’s quite lengthy and the comments are rather good. It’s a summary of the previous and most recent court case – Review of the 1st Court Hearing, 16th Novemeber 2010

Here are some snippets:

JYJ: Why is SM trying to talk about what happened after the injunction?
SM: The reason SM is talking about what happened after the injunction is because CJES attempted to sever the ties between SM and AVEX and inflict financial losses.
JYJ: The case that SM has presented wishes to verify the validity of the contract and charge JYJ for non-fulfillment of their obligations. SM also calls for compensation of losses from JYJ regarding this.
– Then what exactly did JYJ do to SM to justify this charge of non-fulfillment of their obligations? Please be specific.
– The problem will be difficult to assess if SM states that everything JYJ did was a problem.
– Fans have been showing much attention to this case and JYJ. The fans’ attention is a great asset to JYJ. SM is doing nothing but purely attacking and criticizing JYJ in an open court. That will benefit neither side.
SM: We admit that SM hasn’t been able to explain in detail JYJ’s non-fulfillment of their obligations. The reason SM needs AVEX’s testimony is because it is proof that a 13-year contract is valid and necessary in the current Japanese music market.

… (6) Request during the hearing
JYJ: We ask that the Courts make a verdict on the validity of the contract as soon as possible due to the nature of JYJ’s careers as celebrities.
Also, SM has stated that SM has give more money to JYJ than the contract dictates, but this is not true. Even just from looking at the documents we have received, this is not true.
In fact, SM has actually given JYJ less money than the contract dictates. SM has to give JYJ 22.3 billion Won more. We feel further investigate this part and submit documents.

… The reason JYJ’s stance is short and concise
The main issue here is the unlawful contract but SM’s lawyers have brought up the cosmetics company to change the subject of controversy and dull the judge’s judgment. JYJ’s lawyer concisely stated his main points so the judge didn’t have doubts or attacks on what was stated. SM’s lawyer kept trying to ruin JYJ’s reputation by touching upon this and that, and in the end, he was interrogated by the judge, which is why their conversations are longer^^ And in a trial, the giving and receiving of evidence and documents is most important. Because they lacked in that area, SM tried to turn the tide in their favor by saying provocative statements.

* * * * *

So I was about to post this then I came across this video not only said things better than I could have and actually nailed it on the head: sustaining TVXQ in the industry.

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