WikiLeaks' True Intentions

WikiLeaks’ true intentions? No, it’s not going to change the regieme or the way things are, but I can certainly say that the next G20 submit will be the most awkward.

An interesting Twitter conversation that I was having; Once again, nothing new to the Arabs. In fact there is more that can be added in and the more has Israel’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why no mentioning of it?
To address Israel [properly ] = To address Palestine = To address that root of all problems

The reason why WikiLeaks is creating such a buzz across the world, more percise Non-Arab, is because it involves numerous countries across the world. It involves them directly as it is their blood is being spilt…. where is that in the Palestine/Israel conflict? If such leak would ever happen, would the world care as much? Yes, other countries have been involved.. but these other countries came to do their mess and walked away with no injury.
I agree that one must always see or read of something and think there is more to it but what I am saying is that hypnosis is enough to blind and block logic of all things. Even with these leaks not everyone is going to accept them – fact. Some people will though, and some people are just waking up. One can’t assume that everyone is in the same league.

As much as I am passionate about Palestinian Freedom, and as much as I want this apartheid to end, and as much as my patience is running out I can’t just slam the words of truth and justice elsewhere else for it acts as hope. I am just hoping that some time soon Palestine would be getting the attention it deserves and that is without the use of raining phosphorous and depleted uranium bombs.

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