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Connections: December

1st Dec I love snow days. I love opening the curtains in the morning – Narnia… It’s really getting too much now though. It’s beautiful but I can see myself getting fed up of it soon. 2nd Dec FIFA World … Continue reading

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America: Will Black America Wake Up to Obama's Record-Breaking War Budget?

The Republican House majority hadn’t even taken their seats yet, but their presence wasn’t necessary to pass the biggest military budget since World War II. Not only can’t Obama blame his wars on George Bush, but the First Black President has dramatically outdone his predecessor in expenditures on the machinery of death. “Yet only 12 Black members of Congress can bring themselves to vote against Obama’s wars.” Continue reading

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Save Yourself

Mariacarla Boscono by Phil Poynter * * * Education narrows us ; society, being competitive, wastes us; cinemas, radio, newspapers telling us what to think, sensually/falsely stimulating us – Tweet from jiddu_k_murti 

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The Drums of War are heard Again in Israel

The drums of war are heard again in Israel and they are sounded because once more Israel’s invincibility in is question. Despite the triumphant rhetoric in the various media commemorative reports, two years after ‘Cast Lead’, the sense is that that campaign was as much of a failure as was the second Lebanon war of 2006. Unfortunately, leaders, generals and the public at large in the Jewish State know only one way of dealing with military debacles and fiascos. They can be redeemed only by another successful operation or war but one which has to be carried out with more force and be more ruthless than the previous one with the hope for better results in the next round.

Force and might, so explained leading commentators in the local media (parroting what they hear from the generals in the army), is needed in order to ‘deter’, to ‘teach a lesson’ and to ‘weaken’ the enemy. There is no new plan for Gaza – there is no real desire to occupy it and put in under direct Israeli rule. What is suggested is to pound the Strip and its people once more, but with more brutality and for a shorter time. One might ask, why would this bear different fruits than the ‘Cast Lead Operation’? But this is the wrong question. The right question is what else can the present political and military elite of Israel (which includes the government and the main opposition parties) do?…. Continue reading

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GD & TOP: Turn It Up "High High"


03: GD & TOP – OH YEAH (feat. 박봄 / PARK BOM)

04: GD & TOP – DON’T GO HOME / JIBE GAJIMA (집에 가지마) Continue reading

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The Different Ways the Second Anniversary of the Gaza Massacre was Remembered; From Increased Military Airstrikes to Twitter Censorship to Israeli Peace Activist Jailed

Some tweets that took part in the #Gaza2 trending. Gaza: The Experiment and The Loud Muted Cries New weapons experimented in Gaza: population risks genetic mutations #Gaza2 LSal92 We will never forget the man made poverty Israel’s inhuman siege … Continue reading

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Palestine: How Can One Forget You?

You Are Not Forgotten Reham Alhelsi Date: 24th December 2010 Source: My Palestine My Palestinian sister, my Palestinian brother; I write this letter today and I see your face in front of me, the face of Palestine. I see your … Continue reading

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