Tumblr and Never-Ending Procasination


Amen! Such a terrible addiction… somewhat cured though. 

One of the “best” things to happen last month was 4Chan’s invasion into Tumblr; ever since then my time spent of Tumblr has been reduced dramatically… time well spent else where? Sure… *clears throat*

It was through Twitter that I discovered 4Chan – I was actually hoping it would be an Asian Live Show of some sort [ something like Korea’s “Happy Together” ] but when I saw the words “hack” + “Tumblr” = Panic

* * * * *

On a serious note: Procasination is such a bitch terrible cycle

* * * * *

Update: News that 4Chan is one of the sites that brought down Mastercard

NeoNazis, NAMBLA, KKK can accept $ via Visa [and Mastercard]/PayPal, #WikiLeaks can’t. What a just world we live in.

… if 4Chan is one of those responsible, I thank you once again.

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