Nobel Prize: The More Deserving

Obama: “Mr. Liu Xiaobo is far more deserving of this award than I was” – – – – as much as I believe that Obama is correct I also think he lacked the sincerity in his words which is why I think he was just out there to make a political play of it.

On the 9th Writer paulocoelho tweeted:

Tomorrow I will watch ” @DanielEllsberg , the most dangerous man in America” (also nominated for the Oscar 2010 ) #wikileaks

Mr. Daniel Ellsberg was the whistleblower of the Vietnam War. I’m not too sure what war we are fighting in today’s world. We keep saying “Iraq” and “Afghanistan” but the way that these leaks are going itfeels like there isn’t one corner in this world that is dripping blood.

* * * * *

Updated on 15th December The Conversation as it is and a video of The Most Dangerous Man in America

It may sound a little funny but when you see two amazing characters “meeting” each other for the first time on Twitter it gives you that little buzzing feeling of happiness.

* * * * *

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Interview with Daniel Ellsbery on DemocracyNow [which is great] as well as an interview with Julien Assange on Al Jazeera.

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