UK: Anger Hits Peak at Education Robbing

I’ve already made it clear that I am against the rise in tution fees and when I saw this picture this morning I can’t say that I was happy about it but I certainly cannot say that I was sad.

Prince Charles and Dutchess of Cornwall were on their way to The Royal Variety 2010 when rioters from Parliment Square broke through and got as far as actually touching the vehicle whilst it was driving past. The vehicle could not get away because of the amount of protestors that were bloacking the roads.

I was rather numb to it and think that if the police were smarter would have chosen a route further away from where the protests were so that the clash would not have happened… but then again, I’m sort of glad that it did because it’s a smack of reality to the face of Royals. Why do we have to be the ones to suffer? We need the right change to get us on the right direction but these laws are just a joke, more of an insulting one.

We are not “thugs”!

We are Student and you are ruining our education and our future!

Yes, most of us are mis-represented in these protests but our anger is the same.

More on The Daily Mail

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