Red: TVXQ Comeback and Unity

My opinions are in italics. Can you spot the link throughout this post?

Regard this post as a part 2 of TVXQ Comeback [ ? ]

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JYJ recently expressed their unfailing wish to promote together as a five-membered TVXQ.
During an interview with Money Today Star News, JYJ expressed, “It’s disappointing for TVXQ to promote as two separate teams. It might be frustrating right now, but we want each other to do well.”

This is where the HoMin vs. JYJ game starts to play up again; the T.O.R.N [Why?] track was performed back in SM Town 2010 Concert yet it’s only being released in January. Has no one else noticed how well prepared Yunho and Changmin are? Anyone else wondering how long they’ve been holding back and questioning why? They’re being put against JYJ for the fun of it really. HoMin are under the control of SM and even though HoMin still care for JYJ they don’t actually have much voice over what is happening.

My opinion regarding HoMin being called TVXQ; I’m supporting HoMin [as in Yunho and Changmin] but am not supporting SM

It was recently reported that Yunho and Changmin will be releasing their first track after a two year, three-month hiatus under ‘TVXQ’ this coming January. However, Yoochun emphasized, “It’s still the same now, but all five are TVXQ members. Right now it’s not about who gets to use the TVXQ name that’s important.”

This new [?] hype over “JYJ is open to the idea of reconciliation with TVXQ”, when did any of them say they didn’t want to be TVXQ anymore? Not one member said they did not want to be TVXQ anymore. They only thing complained about the unrealistic and stressful contract that they were working under. Not one member of TVXQ asked for all this to happen. In my opinion, this is one of SM’s way of putting on more pressure on JYJ; it’s almost like SM is saying “they’ll continue with or without you”. What is going to happen in the next few days will be painful for both HoMin and JYJ but reading between the lines it seems like they are bracing themselves and have accepted matters.

Junsu added, “It’s complicated and disappointing for us too, but I believe that we’re both about the same. Even though there is an inevitable wall between us, we both still need to continue on with activities without shame.”
Lastly, Star News asked, “Is there any possibility for TVXQ to get back together?” All three JYJ members stated, “If it is a problem we can solve ourselves, then we would solve it right now. We’re always open for the possibility.”

I don’t mean to ruin the party but I need to underline the IF… Bottom line: if the contract isn’t amended then there is no peace possible. There is NO “WE” in this; there is only 1 side that can amend the contract, and that’s SM. Once the contract is amended for JYJ, yes there can be a reunion and guess what? The contract would be amended for HoMin as well – – – another reason why JYJ vs. HoMin game is ludicrous.
[ deep sigh]
Just bare this in mind; If SM is clever it would either amend the contract or let go of JYJ and avoid having SM’s image ruined. SM is in this court battle for what reason, I just do not understand; SM cannot blame JYJ for the unrealistic contract that SM has set up. Really SM is digging its own grave.
Not once have I doubted the desire of each one of TVXQ to be one again. When I read this I certainly didn’t feel the buzz that most fans are feeling because it’s just something I knew all along. I’m keeping my faith for seeing them together; they don’t have to sing, they don’t have to dance, they don’t have to perform; as long as they are together and smiling then I would be very happy.

Source: allkpop

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… Plus, the meaning of Pierrot.

… When asked whether or not the lyrics in ‘Pierrot’ (‘In front of me, my bro. in front of money, I’m nothing’) were directed towards SM, JYJ replied ‘It is a song we wrote whilst thinking back to the days of our debut. When were still rookies, acts of social pressure such as compulsory education and abuse of rights was still prevalent. In terms of freedom being restricted, different people have different interpretations.’

Credits: mickybar + Kuki News
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights

I’m still going to believe that P.S.M = Pierrot of SM… just because I want to.

* * * * *

Yunho and Changmin are about to release a track named T.O.R.N” [Why?] for a Japanese Drama “Beautiful Neighbour”. The preview has been released and am already loving it but the release date is too long away; 26th Jan.

Partial Lyrics

(Japanese Lyrics)

(English Translation)
Will loving be the crime?
Or, the suffering be the punishment?
I’m looking for an answer
If it is a nightmare, please wake me up
If I could only turn back the clock
I would smile once again

Source: Utsukushii Rinjin
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

That was last week when they went by the name of TVXQ, today [20th December] they go out officially with that name by releasing a full track called아테나“Athena” which is to be featured on what is currently the most hyped Korean action- packed drama “Athena: Goddess of War”.

“Athena” Lyrics:

In this cold grey air that engulfs me scarily,
I put on a bitter smile about the wishes that still remain
Inside the indifferent disheveled past memories that got lost
Like a puzzle which cannot be put together, I wander around again.

Hug me coldly. I must face the world.
If I go till that place, will I see the end? My wound which cuts deeply does not heal
Dear God, Please rescue us in this last war.

I only need you. Only you are able to do it.
In that city that is covered in black soot, poems of tears are needed.
The greed that is mixed with my snort and those people who became blind after losing their dreams
To let them be able to spread their wings again, please pass them your strength

Hug me coldly. I must face the world.
If I go till that place, will I see the end? My wound which cuts deeply does not heal
Dear God, Please rescue us in this last war.

When the sun’s glow turns red
You pray the prayer that you desire so much
Even if the light of truth is concealed
Do not stop. Wake the world which has gone into ruins.

Kiss me passionately. I must fight against the lies.
If I go till that place, will I see the end? My wound which cuts deeply does not heal
Dear God, Please rescue us in this last war.

Translated by: christabel88@DBSKnights
Credits: Cyworld and ayurashi
Shared by: DBSKnights

* * * * *

Am not going to lie, my Tumblr dashboard is experiencing heavy spam at the moment.

Thanks to everyone that were trending #TVXQathena on Twitter today:

Jae:the first thing i want to tell HoMin when i meet them is -thanks for protecting the name of TVXQ & letting the team continue..#tvxqathena


…. but a special thank you goes out to TVXQfacts [definitely the best tweets]

Athena? Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industry, justice and skill. She was the favorite child of Zeus. #TVXQathena

Cassiopeia? Cassiopeia was the beautiful wife of Cepheus, king of Ethiopia, and the mother of Andromeda. #TVXQathena

One day, Cassiopeia, queen of ancient Ethiopia, was strolling along the seashore with her lovely daughter Andromeda. #TVXQathena

According to myth, beautiful nymphs lived underwater, watched over by the god Neptune. #TVXQathena

Forever boasting of her own beauty, Cassiopeia gazed into the calm waters and remarked scornfully of the nymphs, and …… #TVXQathena

said, “The nymphs who live in the waters of my realm are jealous, Andromeda, for I am such an exquisite beauty.” #TVXQathena

The goddesses were, needless to say, rather insulted, and went to Neptune, god of the sea, to complain. #TVXQathena

Andromeda looked once again at the water and said in alarm,”Look mother! The water is no longer quiet and calm- watch it churn!” #TVXQathena

The king and queen were ordered to sacrifice their daughter to appease Neptune’s wrath,to give their daughter in return …. #TVXQathena

Soon, the water came and engulfed the land, and with it came the monster to kill Andromeda. #TVXQathena

But wait! From the sky, the legendary Greek hero Perseus had been watching Andromeda’s desperate plight. #TVXQathena

Now, he flew down and landed on the great beast and slay it single-handedly. Andromeda was free, saved by Perseus! #TVXQathena

Later, Cassiopeia became a constellation,which we can still see at night. #TVXQathena

Cassiopeia is a constellation which is formed and joined by FIVE stars. Changmin named our fanclub, CASSIOPEIA #TVXQathena

I don’t believe in these things but this is so cool and somewhat relevant to what is happening to and around TVXQ; the concept of the link extends to the next part.

* * * * *

Well I have been going on about it from last month and here is how things are shaping up:

26th Dec = 7th year anniversary TVXQ

Red = Cassiopeia [ The TVXQ fans who “always keep the faith” ]

Trending #7yearsforTVXQ

But red can also mean something else…

Red = War/ Blood

27th Dec = 2nd year anniversary of still-under-siege Gaza, Palestine

Wearing Red”, a facebook campaign, that – it’s self-explanatory really… it’s for Gaza. If you have facebook check it out; read the facts and realities of Gaza.

Trending #Gaza2

Call to Action: Help Raise Awareness about Cast Lead
We want users to tweet facts, stats, pictures, personal messages, links, blog posts, videos… anything and everything that relates to Cast Lead, the Goldstone Report, Gaza’s humanitarian crisis etc.

Living in an apartheid state – can you imagine it happening to you? || water is no longer quiet and calm- watch it churn!”
It may seem odd to put this here in a TVXQ post but I really would appreciate it if you guys, and I know there are many of you, would take the time out to even look into what is happening in Gaza. It’s not just a serious situation but a dire situation; life of 1.5million people in Gaza is politically made to be difficult by the illegal occupiers, Israel. || “water came and engulfed the land, and with it came the monster to kill

Some quick facts:
– About 90% of water supplied to Gaza residents is not suitable for drinking and is contaminated with salt and nitrates

– 78% of homes in Gaza have major damages from Operation Cast Lead in 2008, and they have not been reconstructed.

– 80% of the population in Gaza, is dependant on international aid. 61% of the population is food insecure.

– Power cuts in Gaza last 4-6 hours a day and often even longer.

– Unemployment rate is at 39%, one of the highest in the world

– 60% of Gaza’s population receives running water only once every 4-5 days, for 6-8 hours

– 40,000 eligible children were turned away from UN schools in Gaza unable to get construction materials because of import ban

– 78% of homes in Gaza have major damages from Operation Cast Lead in 2008, and they have not been reconstructed.

Let me make this clear before someone jumps on my throat and screams anti-Semitic; the problem is not Israel but the unfair and inhumane policies of Israel against Palestinians, and Gazans whom which up to this very day are still being bombarded.
… If you still want to scream anti-Semitic [shrugs] go ahead. To me, it’s really simple – a crime is a crime. I don’t buy into “if” or “but”… when it’s innocent people that are suffering and dying silence is compliance, and compliance I refuse to give to crime.

* * * * *

Updated on 23rd December 2010

Fair Trade Commission forces SM Entertainment to revise unfair contracts

SM Entertainment received a firm order from the Fair Trade Commission to revise the unfair contracts which bind SNSD, Super Junior, SHINee, and many others to them.

On December 23rd, the Fair Trade Commission stated, “We gave them a warning to voluntarily correct the unfair exclusive contracts that their celebrities and trainees have signed. [SME] is to reduce all contract lengths by three years.

This decision by the FTC was based off of a complaint made by TVXQ’s fanclub, Cassiopeia. The group alleged that SM Entertainment was using their status to pressure a disadvantaged (’slave’) contract onto TVXQ.

SM Entertainment’s violation, as disclosed by the FTC, lies in the unfair contract conditions. These conditions included forcing artists to sign on for a long period of time, an excessive penalty provision for breach of contract, and a one-sided scheduling of activities. There’s also a clause that allows SME to extend contracts for overseas activities without first consulting the artist in question.

According to the FTC, these contracts from SME would run ‘for 13 years starting from the day of signing‘ or ‘exceeding 10 years from the day of debut.’  In compliance with the FTC, however, SM Entertainment changed their contracts to ‘seven years from the day of debut.’

If the artists decided to terminate their contract prematurely, they were subject to heavy penalties. Artists were forced to pay three times the investment amount, plus two times the amount the artist was to have made during the entire length of the contract. In short, even though the contract was terminated, these artist would have to pay double the amount of money they would have made in ‘x’ years left.

Because of the FTC order, however, this was changed to artists now paying an average monthly sales of two years before the contract termination, multiplied by the number of months in the remaining period.

The entire clause allowing activities to be scheduled without the artist’s consent has also been removed. It has been replaced with, “All celebrities of SM Entertainment may include their opinion at any point and ask for the appropriate document copies regarding their career from SM. SM has the right to refuse should the request be unjust.”

This new revision is expected to make an influence on JYJ’s case as well.

Source: SPN via Nate

Party poppers at the ready everyone! One tweet  [ from AKTFnews ] summed it all up so brilliantly!

Cassiopeia and Superman once fought each other. The loser had to start wearing their underwear on the outside of their pants.

It seems that this courtcase will not just bring “justice” to JYJ – it really depends on how much securit and assurance can be bought into making sure that the new contract is being followed in accordance – but there will be some great changes coming to all artists under SM. I’m feeling rather optimistic about this.

Initially JYJ just wanted the contract to change but with time and SM’s evil games JYJ expressed their undesire to return to SM. The way that the court case is going to go is that it will either let JYJ go free or, and from what I’ve been reading I do think that, JYJ will have to return to SM under contract changes to finish off 7 years [which I don’t think is even a year, correct me if I’m wong]. This courtcase would have been easier to conclude if [ whispers to self – SM would just submit the documents/evidence ] HoMin weren’t in the hands of SM. I’m not looking at this from a personal point of view but a rather objective one; I’m sure HoMin had their reasons. What were they? No one knows…

But here is what we know; A representative recently told Money Today Star News,Early next year, JYJ will be releasing a new album with Korean tracks they composed and produced themselves. The album will contain both tracks that were unveiled at the concert, along with other new tracks.”

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