The Different Ways the Second Anniversary of the Gaza Massacre was Remembered; From Increased Military Airstrikes to Twitter Censorship to Israeli Peace Activist Jailed

Some tweets that took part in the #Gaza2 trending.

Gaza: The Experiment and The Loud Muted Cries New weapons experimented in Gaza: population risks genetic mutations #Gaza2

LSal92 We will never forget the man made poverty Israel’s inhuman siege has imposed on innocent Gazan civilians! #Gaza2

esraafehead Just like the world insists on remembering 9/11, it must never forget what happened to Gaza. Please change your status in solidarity! #gaza2

dubaijazz let me repeat that: 25% of gazan children aged six-17 reported symptoms of PTSD #gaza2 #palestine

RT @OliviaDresher If rocks could speak, what would they say. But the agony of being so old, so silent…or is it a peace. ||| #Gaza2

Israeli government measured to remain just enough to keep the population alive at a near-starvation level #Gaza2 #Poverty

RT @AncientProverbs False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil -Socrates || #Gaza2 #War #Politics #Game

RT @QuoteMafia my silence spoke a thousand words…but u never heard them. |||| Silence is mute to ears that refuse to listen. #Gaza2

morafi “I have been to war zones for 30 years, but I have never seen such injuries before” ~ Dr. Erik Fosse, Norwegian Cardiologist #Gaza2

Israel made up its mind: removing Hamas = a good position to get their hands on these vast offshore reserves #Gaza2

* * * *

#Gaza2 Campaign | First Victory, Keep Going

We were hundreds, probably thousands taking part in the first part of the worldwide #Gaza2 Campaign organized by activists on Twitter, consisting of tweeting a maximum of informations about Gaza, especially from 5 to 7pm GMT. And despite the censorship imposed by Twitter and that prevented the hashtag from showing in the trending topics (as it SHOULD have, see explanation below…), we did it:

This is how it looked like worldwide at 8:25pm GMT:

[ click to enlarge images ]

And this is the statistical representation:

It was even announced trending in Manchester by @trendsmanc:

Even though Twitter didn’t show it, we made it, obviously.

[ I just want to add: to get a topic into trending it’s the number of tweets per min… #Gaza2 was doing better than the other topics trending. Plus, Twitter is known for censorship and the ability to modify the entire list of trending topics… if you witnessed the Heechul-wave you’d know what I mean ]

Because the victims of the Gaza massacre in 2008-2009 had names, we wanted to honor them, hence the most striking part of that tweeting session was the listing of all the martyrs, their age, address, occupation, and date of death. A kind of virtual memorial to denied murdered souls. Beside that, a huge effort of facts and stats gathering has been made, especially by the Never Cast Lead Again blog, which has been a great source of information we will keep on using in the future to shed light on Gaza’s condition.

The massacre lasted 22 days. 22 long days for Palestinians in Gaza, locked up between walls, sea and tanks. We will keep up the struggle for Gaza, because so long as there is faith, there will be hope. Please read the following tweets, picked up from yesterday’s tweeting session (more here):

@Umm_Issa We won’t forget Moaz Yaser Abed Abu Tair (6) Abasan, Khan Younis – #Gaza2

@asia2gaza My Home , Your Home , #Palestine #Gaza #Gaza

@ArabVoicesSpeak Saw a Gazan woman who medical staff thought she was dead & left her on floor then they saw her 9 months belly move, baby & mom alive #gaza2

@SelinMakaveli Unsent Letter: To The Palestinian Girl Whose Parents Were Killed At The Seaside By An Israeli Rocket #Gaza2

@uruknet ‘Some were decapitated. My cousin and his son died in front of me’ #gaza2

@Asif_B Stand up comedian addresses Israeli terror

@norabf Read our activism roundup: world to commemorate Gaza massacre anniversary (on @intifada)

@_Has Israel maintains effective control of Gaza’s borders, its airspace, and the waters beyond the Gaza coast. Gaza is an open-air prison#Gaza2

@beatsNOTbombs: 2 year old Fares Tala’at Asa’ad Hammouda, murdered by the “most moral army in the world”. #Gaza #Gaza2

@Remroum A Poem for Gaza #Gaza2

@ummhajarforpal “Never Cast Lead Again” got ~1,800 visits today! Visit that great database on#Gaza and spread #Gaza2

@uruknet Video: #Gaza children left alone starving for days as mothers lay dead! #gaza2

@Palaestina During the Genocide: 10 schools, 8 kindergarten, 15 hospitals, 43 clinics, 30 mosques were completely destroyed by israeli shelling.#Gaza2

* * * * *

Israeli activist to judge: “I won’t ask for leniency or express remorse”
Source: +972 Magazine

Tel Aviv, 27 December 2010. On the day that marks the second anniversary of Israel’s three-week war on Gaza, also known as Operation Cast Lead, an Israeli activist was sentenced to three months in jail for protesting Israel’s military blockade and siege on the Palestinian territory.

Jonathan Pollak, a political activist who is involved in the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee (PSCC), participated in a Critical Mass bicycling event to protest Israel’s blockade of Gaza, which was then more than three years old. The event took place on January 31, 2008. Police arrested Pollak at the demonstration, accusing him of incitement and of being the leader of the event. In effect, they arrested him for riding a bicycle in Tel Aviv.

The PSCC is a grassroots movement that organizes unarmed activism against Israel’s military occupation of the Palestinian territories in the West Bank and Gaza. Jonathan Pollak is one of the best-known activists against Israel’s security barrier, participating weekly in the demonstrations that take place in Palestinian villages in the West Bank. For details and background about the arrest and sentencing of Jonathan Pollak, please see Joseph Dana’s post.

Below is the speech that Jonathan Pollak read in front of the court today.

Your Honor, once found guilty, it is then customary for the accused to ask the court for leniency, and express remorse for having committed the offense. However, I find myself unable to do so. From its very beginning, this trial contained practically no disagreements over the facts. As the indictment states, I indeed rode my bicycle, alongside others, through the streets of Tel Aviv, to protest the siege on Gaza. And indeed, while riding our bicycles, which are legal vehicles belonging on the road, we may have slightly slowed down traffic. The sole and trivial disagreement in this entire case revolves around testimonies heard from police detectives, who claimed I played a leading role throughout the protest bicycle ride, something I, as well as the rest of the Defense witnesses, deny.

As said earlier, it is customary at this point of the proceedings to sound remorseful, and I would indeed like to voice my regrets regarding one particular aspect of that day’s events: if there is remorse in my heart, it is that, just as I argued during the trial, I did not play a prominent role in the protest that day, and thus did not fulfill my duty to do everything within my power to change the unbearable situation of Gaza’s inhabitants, and bring to an end Israel’s control over the Palestinians.

His Honor has stated during the court case, and will most likely state again in the future, that a trial is not a matter of politics, but of law. To this I reply that there is hardly anything to this trial except political disagreement. This Court may have impeded the mounting of an appropriate defense when it refused to hear arguments regarding political selectiveness in the Police’s conduct, but even from the testimonies which were admitted, it became clear such a selectiveness exists.

The subject of my alleged offense, as well as the motivation behind it were political. This is something that cannot be sidestepped. The State of Israel maintains an illegitimate, inhuman and illegal siege on the Gaza Strip, which still is occupied territory according to international law. This siege, carried out in my name and in yours as well, sir, in fact in all of our names, is a cruel collective punishment inflicted on ordinary citizens, residents of the Gaza strip, subjects-without-rights under Israeli occupation.

In the face of this reality, and as a stance against it, we chose on January 31, 2008, to exercise the freedom of speech afforded to Jewish citizens of Israel. However, it appears that here in our one-of-many-faux-democracies in the Middle East, even this freedom is no longer freely granted, even to society’s privileged sons.

I am not surprised by the Court’s decision to convict me despite having no doubt in my mind that our actions on that day correspond to the most basic, elementary definitions of a person’s right to protest.

Indeed, as the Prosecution pointed out, a suspended prison sentence hung over my head at the time of the bicycle protest, having been convicted before under an identical article of law. And, although I still maintain I did not commit any offense whatsoever, I was aware of the possibility that under Israeli justice, my suspended sentence would be imposed.

I must add that, if His Honor decides to go ahead and impose my suspended prison sentence, I will go to prison wholeheartedly and with my head held high. It will be the justice system itself, I believe, that will need to lower its eyes in the face of the suffering inflicted on Gaza’s inhabitants, just like it lowers its eyes and averts its vision each and every day when faced with the realities of the occupation.

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  1. Smike E says:

    The actual steps in prosecuting Blair, given that a dossier of sufficient evidence must have accumulated by now, is now the ‘bottom line’.
    Thank you for an article dealing with precisely this issue, and which by definition should be ongoing in terms of developments.

  2. Smike E says:

    Someone removed my comment referring to the prosecution of Blair, Feb 1st above, from the article it was applicable to (breathingoutpsychedelicair ‘the long road to the hague prosecuting blair part 2’)and transferred it here.

    Would whoever is authoring this site kindly delete my comment as it applies only to the Iraq invasion.

    – Before it ends up in a f…ing hang gliding website or something!!

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