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Fashion: Givenchy Spring/ Summer 2011 Haute Couture Continue reading

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UK: David Cameron's Dishonest Media Tactic in Egypt and The Guardian Reveals UK arms sales to the Middle East and North Africa

UK sales of weapons and arms to the Middle East are in the news. So what is the market, run by the government’s Strategic Export Controls, worth?

Middle East arms sales graphic

How big are arms sales to the Middle East and North Africa? The unrest in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and across the region has brought attention to one of the UK’s most successful export markets: military equipment.
It’s a world shrouded in secrecy, and centred on giant arms fairs, such as Idex, taking place in Abu Dhabi. In the UK the international arms trade is managed by Strategic Export Controls, which grant licenses. They’re not just for arms, but for a whole range of ‘controlled’ products. Here’s the official take from the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills:
… Let’s look at Libya. The data shows that £215m worth of export licenses for controlled products were granted to companies selling stuff to Libya in the year to the end of September 2010. Of that amount, just under £8m were for equipment defined as military. Those products include riot control gear and tear gas.
Iran features on this list too, not for military equipment but for ‘other’ products – £424m of them. They include civil jet engines, chemicals and civilian aircraft.
* * * * *
David Cameron’s Cairo visit overshadowed by defence tour
Long-scheduled trade mission with eight leading UK defence companies to Gulf states

David Cameron’s efforts to promote democracy in the Middle East by becoming the first foreign leader to visit Cairo were overshadowed as it emerged that he will spend the next three days touring undemocratic Gulf states with eight of Britain’s leading defence manufacturers.

After a hastily convened stopover in Egypt, where he spoke of being “inspired” by protesters, the PM began a long-scheduled trade mission by landing in Kuwait, a key military ally. Britain has approved 1,155 arms export licences for Kuwait since 2003, worth a total of £102.3m, according the Campaign Against the Arms Trade.

Key deals on the table this week include the sale of Eurofighters to the Gulf.

Meanwhile Gerald Howarth, a British defence minister, was also attending the region’s largest arms fair, in Abu Dhabi, where a further 93 British companies are promoting their wares. They included companies selling rubber bullets and CS gas for crowd control as well as heavily armoured riot vans….

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Cameron says UK prejudiced for believing Muslims cannot manage democracy

Britain has been guilty of a prejudice bordering on racism for believing that Muslims cannot manage democracy, David Cameron will say as he recasts foreign policy in light of protests across the Arab world.

In a speech at the national assembly in Kuwait, the prime minister will abandon decades of so-called “camel corps” diplomacy by saying Britain was wrong to prop up “highly controlling regimes” as a way of ensuring stability.

… But he indicated that the demonstrations presented a challenge for Britain as he dismissed as a “false choice” the old calculation that authoritarian regimes needed to be supported as the price of ensuring stability.

“For decades, some have argued that stability required controlling regimes and that reform and openness would put that stability at risk,” Cameron said.

“So, the argument went, countries like Britain faced a choice between our interests and our values. And to be honest, we should acknowledge that sometimes we have made such calculations in the past.”

He added: “But I say that is a false choice. As recent events have confirmed, denying people their basic rights does not preserve stability – rather, the reverse.” Continue reading

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Nappeun Namja / 나쁜 남자 / Bad Man

Title: 나쁜 남자 / Nappeun Namja
Also known as: Bad Man / Bad Guy / Bad Boy
Genre: Thriller, melodrama, mystery
Episodes: 20
Network: SBS

Kim Nam Gil as Shim Gun Wook
Kang Soo Han as Gun Wook (child)
Han Ga In as Moon Jae In
Kim Jae Wook as Hong Tae Sung
Park Joon Mok as Tae Sung (child)
Oh Yun Soo as Hong Tae Ra
Moon Ga Young as Tae Ra (teen)
Jung So Min as Hong Mo Ne
Jun Gook Hwan (전국환) as President Hong
Kim Hye Ok as Mrs. Shin
Kim Jung Tae as Jang Kam Dok
Ha Joo Hee as Jun Hye Joo
Shim Eun Kyung as Moon Won In


Shim Gun Wook (Kim Nam Gil) plots revenge against the Haeshin Group, a large corporation to whom Hong Tae Sung (Kim Jae Wook) is the heir.
Jae-in, an art consultant, goes to Gero-onsen to meet with a famous (but bad-tempered) glass artisan, and encounters Tae Sung for the first time. Gun Wook has come to Japan as the personal secretary to Tae Sung, who is the successor to a large corporation, Haeshin Group.

“There is no such thing called love in this world…
Only thing I have to do is grab the rope that will save me…”

Melodrama that is about a modern-day man’s hidden desires and a bad man’s race toward them. A fascinating blend of hatred and romance of a man who has calculated and patiently waited 20 years to make his revenge. The painful path to the long awaited truth is fuelled with deep sadness and anger that he will not stop till destruction, unless somehow forgiveness was to find its way to his tormented lonely heart. The innocence of pure love finds its way to his heart but is it enough to stop him?

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JYJ: Popular Demand of a Criminal and Court Orders SME to pay for Interfering with JYJ's activities

* * *

After the Seoul Central District Court dismissed both of SM Entertainment’s injunctions against JYJ last week, the judge Kim Daewong has decided to incur a fee against SM Entertainment every time they interfere with JYJ’s activities. Through a press release, JYJ’s current acting agency said on February 21st, “SM Entertainment will not be allowed to interfere with JYJ activities and will pay 20 million won every time they violate this court order.”

The court has decided that there is a possibility that SM Entertainment will interfere with JYJ’s activities, and in the case that they do interfere, have made this ruling. To prevent any possibilities of interference, the court has ordered a restraining order against SM Entertainment.

Even though the court has ruled in favor of JYJ, C-JeS Entertainment’s Baek Changjoo said, “There are still many obstacles to go over. There are many things still to be worked out even with the court ruling in our favor. I hope the public and fans support our cause and help create a more progressive celebrity system.” Continue reading

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Libya: The Blood Drenched Path of Revolution

What’s happening in Libya? By Ashley Bates Source: Mother Jones The following is a basic primer on what’s happening in Libya. You can also jump straight to the latest updates. Last week, Libyan dissident Najla Aburrahman begged western media to pay attention … Continue reading

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Costs of Revolutions

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US: Weapon of Mass Persuasion Dying and WikiLeaks row intensifies as US makes 'privacy' move against Twitter

The irony of the Clinton speech coming on the day of the court case was not lost on the constitutional lawyers battling against the government in Alexandria. The lawyers also cited the Tunisian and Egyptian examples. Aden Fine, who represents the American Civil Liberties Union, one of the leading civil rights groups in the country, said: “It is very alarming that the government is trying to get this information about individuals’ communications. But, also, above all, they should not be able to do this in secret.”

The court case, which is turning into a cause celebre in the US, centres round the release of tens of thousands of Pentagon and state department classified documents by WikiLeaks. Outraged by the leaks, the US has set up a grand jury in secret, based in Alexandria, to investigate whether grounds can be found for a criminal case against WikiLeaks’ founder, Julian Assange. As part of that investigation the grand jury ordered Twitter to disclose the details of the accounts of WikiLeaks and three people said to be linked to the organisation.

The investigation also covers Bradley Manning, the US soldier who was based in Iraq and is suspected of being behind the leak. He is being held in jail in Virginia. Continue reading

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