Fashion: Maria Grachvogel – Fall 2011/2012 Collection

Some fashion designers design clothes for design and impracticality and then there are some fashion designers that design clothes that are design and practicality – thank goodness for Maria Grachvogel; this modern contemporary collection that has been one of the collections of the 1st day of London Fashion Week is one that guarantees to not just be functional but also graceful to the woman’s body.

A self-taught in pattern cutting and design, Maria has created a gorgeous collection that is the definition of modern effortless sensuality. Drape and cut dominating with rare and surprising bursts of bright block orange and often seen artistic illusions of natures’ angry collision in the blues and browns of the graphic prints, which are hand painted by Maria.
Adding further to the intriguing enigmatic characteristic are the powerful blocked brows and the deep aubergines dabbed with steel blue lips along with the illustratively tough shaped high buns.

There are many one-piece wardrobe transformational pieces like the fabulous windblowing skirt, the elegantly draped all-in-one and the chic full length block orange dress with asymmetric short sleeves. The tailoring works, especially the wide leg trousers or “magic pants” as the clients call it, are fabulous and friendly for all body types. Versatile, timeless, creative and artistic

Name three things that are inspiring you for autumn/winter 2011: “I am constantly inspired by the woman so this is always my starting point and tend to work from the inside out. Rather than projecting a ‘look’, I think about mood and feeling and this season my woman feels dark, mysterious and has a slightly sinister edge. I have been absorbing shaman references as well as Grimm’s fairytales.”

Official Site:

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4 Responses to Fashion: Maria Grachvogel – Fall 2011/2012 Collection

  1. I LOVE your mood boards of Felder-Felder collection. I also LOVE LOVE the title of your blog (very similar to my boyfriend’s band named BREATHE OUT)refreshing name. My favorite outfit is LOOK7, Draped petrol green printed dress / silk satin, such an easy piece. How about you?
    To find out more on my collaboration with the Felder-Felder please visit:

    • A & E says:

      Sorry for the late reply – technical problems

      Thanks for your kind reply. I really liked the collection and I liked the two opposites more than the inbetween [is it because it’s a Gemini trait?] that’s why I made the two sets. My favourite oufit was the white oversized coat – dream world. In the real world though, I also loved the slim-fitting trousers and the back cut of the loose blouses.

      The title of the blog doesn’t even describe what this blog is about – it’s that random but thank you. Me being me had to check out the band, I love searching for new music, they’re that good and unsigned?!! I hope things kick off for them because some of their latest tracks – esp. “Like The Old Times” and “Deep Impact” – are great.

      I’ve just read your interview with Tank Magazine – congratulations! – and got to know more about you; it’s probably more hard work than the words can reveal. Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.
      Thank you so much for stopping by.

  2. Dear A&E,

    Thank you for visiting my blog, let’s keep in touch. Also cheers for your comment on Breathe Out, my boyfriend is super happy! They have two very good gig/EP release this month.

    Where are you based? Also are you in London today? There is a FELDER-FELDER private sale in glamorous Shoreditch House today from 2pm till late. I’ll be there from 7pm, would be great meeting you. Event link:

    • A & E says:

      I should be the one thanking you for introducing me to the band. Will be looking forward to what they come out with in the future.

      Ah! If only… *weeps* I don’t live in London unfortunately / haha. But you enjoy your time there and yes, let’s keep in touch.
      Following you back on Twitter.

      Thanks again

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