Fashion: Felder Felder Fall 2011/ 2012 Collection

* * *

Felder Felder
London Fashion Week
Day 1 – 18th February 2011

This collection was about two different women; one was a Heavy Rocker and the other was Punk Luxe. From midnight blues, forest greens and solid blacks to soft hue, winter whites and metallics silvers, the German twins, Dani and Annette Felder, were broadening their range of Rock Chick.

Floral crystal embroidery is uncharacteristic to their well-know Rock Chick reputation of Felder Felder yet that seemed to have worked really well and added a certain sweet appeal even to the black cropped biker jacket.
The animal prints just did not work as well as the use of feathers, metallics and leathers. Departing a little from their signature image by the addition of chiffon and print to create a softer image yet the fierceness of the dark cold blue lips added as starking contrast to the softer outfits.

What began as the fierce woman of high-waist ultra-lean leggings, long frontal gold zips and studded bustier tops slowly became a cold elegant luxe-punk woman in loose chiffon print tops, silver metallic legging and miniskirts as well as in an oversized statement coat with frou frou Mongolian lamb fur at the hem, which is the standout outfit of the entire collection.

* * *

* * *

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